31 December 2006

Natural Optics: Amber (Sunset)...

She Fills Me (My Sightline, My Dreams, My Senses, My Gaps, My Mind), BD 2006


A permanent state of transition is man's most noble condition... - Juan Ramón Jiménez

Natural Optics: Naples (Blooms)...

We Grow In Her Colour, BD 2006 [REVISION]


The fire, and tears, and love alive - Alexander

Natural Optics: Gold (Crown)...

She Is My Queen, BD 2006

30 December 2006

Quip 2...

Regina Spektor makes me want to bleach my eardrums with a turkey baster...

Natural Optics: Hansa (Mirror, Mirror)...

She Is The Fairest Of Them All (My Beautiful), BD 2006

A Day in the Life

B pays almost $5/lb for chicken. He actually can roast it with vegetables for his own dinner and then converse about the price of chicken vs beef vs lamb.

Amazing ?

Love is...

Having someone that will hold you when you're too sharp to hold anyone else, or even yourself.

A Sense Of Protection...

Timothy was still marvelling at the dark circling birds when the first tornado landed. Jolted from her own quiet reveries Lightning Paw lifted her nose from a bruised daffodil and sniffed the troubled air with determined inquisitiveness. 'Quick Timothy, under the dock with you...', she barked hoasely, padding swiftly in Timothy's direction while frantically gesturing at the approaching funnel cloud with one outstretched paw. The sky was already darkening, the warm autumn sunbeams rapidly being swallowed by a huge spiralling cloud of uprooted trees, their mighty trunks flailing helplessly...

Natural Optics: Yellow (Clouds)...

She Is All Around Me, BD 2006

180º Frontline (Blog This)...

The presence of duality,
haunts the earth.
We cannot turn to royalty,
it's just rock beneath the surface.
Hate, redemption, cruelty,
fire the eyes from within.
The growth, obscene;
the decay, painful.
Outcomes too hard to reject
by those who march on.
Choruses object history,
like Those who penned future
fed living its originality-
and tied talking tongues together.
Put your faith in something.
Even if, there are few things
ready, or worthy,
that can surprise our visions.
First, the men
who raped the sea,
boiled by the rot of greed.
Then, those women
trampling the homeland,
fueled by a sense of destiny.

29 December 2006

Natural Optics: Lemon (Sunrise)...

She Woke Me, BD 2006


Whatever this world can give to me
It's you, you're all I see
You make me live now honey
You're the best friend
That I ever had
I've been with you such a long time
You're my sunshine
And I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
You're my best friend
You make me live
I've been wandering round
But I still come back to you
In rain or shine
You've stood by me girl
I'm happy, happy at home
You're my best friend
You're the first one
When things turn out bad
You know I'll never be lonely
You're my only one
And I love
The things that you do
You're my best friend
You make me live
I'm happy, happy at home
You're my best friend


Untitled, Uncredited 2006 [REVISION]


It isn't easy being green... - Kermit

Does it matter if it's out of tune? - Liam Gallagher

Unschuld? - Adolf Hitler

A Magic...

If A Moment Could Speak, JT / BD 2006 [REVISION]

28 December 2006

More Random

Human civilization is the result of suppressing instinct.

Random Alternative...

Life is the moment you've got, pray that this moment'll never stop, give in to the stuff you crave, losing a world you can never save, so where are we going tonight? The taste's coming on, I can never fight, I always seem to break like a wave, I'm a kunta-kinte, like a slave. I never noticed anyone, we're trying hard to keep it down, we're doing more than everyone, but it still comes, this heart keeps beating for me, even on the days where all they are is a wait for the night, I've got those voices all saying that it's all alright, I always seem to find the domain, I blink and find I've stayed up all night again. I never noticed anyone, cause we're talking, trying to keep it down, we're doing more than everyone, it still comes and this heart keeps on beating for us...

I'd Never Get Over Losing That Depths...

Reminders, BD 2006


You moved my sky
You bloom in spring
In a way like no other
You've come in singing
You were like a white cloud
Then like my flower
Now a harmonious line
Protecting me from
Turning sour
Don't give up
Start again buttercup
When I found what we had
I gave it to you
When you lost the nurses
I found the doctor in me


The Spoils Are Within The Yellow Fruits, BD 2006

Some Days are Hard

I started to write a poem to you,
And my pen ran dry.
My mouth ran dry.
My heart pounded.
"There is terrible significance in this,"
I thought.
I ran and found another pen
And wrote...
Not easily...
But I wrote.
"See, everything is still all right,"
I said to me.
Why didn't you call from Los Angeles today?

--Lois Wyse

27 December 2006

My Angel Has Wings...

Untitled, Uncredited

Just Thinking is my angel, she lights the path I want. Inside her is a song.

(Exclaim) She Is My Love...

She brings the light
She is the colours
She builds the dreams
She fills me within
She is beautiful
She fills my senses
She strokes my soul
She holds my heart
She is everything
She is my yellow
She completes me
She fixes me
She is the beloved
She intertwines with me
She entwines me
She makes me happy
She sings to me
She gave me dreams
She is my Queen
She is special
She makes the ordinary extraordinary
She is what I want
She is what I want to bulid my life around
She guides me
She saves me
She is my core

Reprise (Comfort Column)...

Untitled, BD 2006

It never has to be the way it was again. - Just Thinking

Whatever Happened To...

...people just looking...

26 December 2006

Dreams: The House...

Unique Bonding (Chapter One Continued)...

g2(kL) = k−4g2(L) ; g3(kL) = k− 6g3(L), | g2(kL) |2 + | g3(kL) |2 = 1

Within The Colour Within...

Your Heartbeat Is Pulsing It's Never Night In Your Chest
Its Golden And Glowing, BD 2006

25 December 2006

Find Our Way...

Everyone's so tough but everyone's heard enough about what's inside the mind of a psycho. There is a path. I want. I want to have it, lucky foot of a rabbit. Alas, people are they even worth their salt - force of-fucking-habit? Maybe some kind of magic? I'm growing sick of all this echoing talk. Everyone claims to be so smart. Yet everyone remains in the dark about what's inside the heart of an angel.

Just Thinking is my angel, she lights the path I want. Inside her is a song.

I need this song and I need you.

Merry Christmas...

Seasons Greetings

Untitled, BD 2006

24 December 2006

Our Ticket To Immortality...

Everyone has had their fun with her
And they all lost their interest in me
But the world is really going to love you
I promise you, just like we do
The world is really going to love you

Blue Christmas (Continued)...

Untitled, BD 2006

23 December 2006

96 (A Gift Gratefully Recieved)...

I'll try to keep this short...

I met JT in a crowded room and there was something about her from the off, it attatched to me, it has been the only time anything has found its way into my innards with such velocity and ease. It has changed many things for me, I have never felt better about myself. She makes me glad I'm me, even though I am not the most intelligent or the most attractive man that she has known, JT has made me something. I am part of something special. Her caring and love, her affections and interest have held me, removing the consuming inner feelings of solitude. I have opened up to be tended in a manner only a Queen could so to be fit to function as her shell, to be where she grows. A place with thoughts, of us and dreams, for only us.

JT is the most beautiful thing I have ever held, been lucky enough to know, she is a gift to me worth far more than any I've recieved before.


I am something far better than I ever was...

22 December 2006


Some things fall apart
Some things make you whole
Some things that you find
Are beyond your control
I love you and you're beautiful
Lets write our own songs
If I could kiss you now
I'd kiss you again and again
Till the line don't know where I begin
And where you end
Where you end, is where I begin
And as I end you begin

Dreams: Pain

Ultimately, it is the pain of the unacceptable present that propels us towards the shining future.

21 December 2006

Celebrity Status


Why do we give celebreties status? Because they happened to look just right to the right person on just the right day and just got lucky?

Does the ability to portray a fictional character in a real way, or a real character in a fictional way, make someone in any way more of any thing than the day before they were 'discovered' ?

Why does their opinion on any thing at any time mean any thing to any one? Why do they sway the political environment?

...questionable quality.

Word Cloud III

Ideal For Living...

An Ideal For Living, Peter Saville

Simply Put (3:52 Continued Further)...


20 December 2006

For an Out of Town Husband

Of course you have to travel
All husbands have to travel.
But I thought you ought to know that
We are so married I know you by your telephone ring.
It is a short, impatient ring
Followed by a long.
"Hello how are the children did you have a good day?"
Then sometimes there is silence
Which is a very nice thing in a marriage.
And during that silence
We both say the most understanding things of all.

-Lois Wyse


I fell in love with a girl
She is sixty five inches tall
She took my hand and led me to a new high
Left me with her own foot to fall on
I thought to call it an imperial love
She was my queen
As if it were so metrically
So precise and so cleanly designed
To fit me
Why is she a thousand thousand metres away
I can't measure my love

Dreams: The boy...

19 December 2006

Coastguard Are You Familiar, High Tides Are Not Peculiar...

Carry on with that flame inside my heart
Under the brine until you won't notice the dark
Can stone and steel and horses heels ever explain the way I feel
From our flow to bind, I felt the lapping of an ebbing tide
The heavy water how it enfolds
The salt the spray the gorgeous glow
Always, always, always the sea
Euphorious mortality
Irrigate our heart with each others blood until we know we're complete
Draped in my kelp, I'm dropped below above by eight thousand feet
My soul, she would cry if I even thought you could die amid fumes of formaldehyde
The horizon used to look so long
But now like surface refractions
The subsurface reflects our song


Untitled, BD 2006

18 December 2006


I say nothing
Let me know if you hear
I don't need answers
Do you have to tell
There are things I can't explain
When I walk why can't I feel the earth
But I can feel you everywhere
When speed is nothing
Nothing at all
Breathe in together
To one full
Two lovers in the rain
Holding hands
Some things are meant to last

Is A Nightmare Still A Dream...

'Asleep', Goya

17 December 2006

From the Distance

Paris Sunday Morning

September 22 nd ‘18

Letter #40
My dearest belove’d,

The other evening I felt rather low so I took a very long walk away out into the Bois de Boulogne wih a friend of mine, plus Bill Hoffman’s beautiful big Alsace Bergere Chiene – Mira – a recent acquisition & she sure is a beautiful dog. Sort of a german police dog, avant la guerre, now called Alsatian Shephard dog. It was Friday evening, the moon absolutely perfect, and I have seldom seen its beautiful reflections in a prettier setting than in the charming little lakes & among the trees of that very, very beautiful park. I just felt as if I could & would like to walk & enjoy it all night. When I returned home I looked at a map of our route – I’m confident I walked 8 or 10 miles. I generally try to get in a nice walk in the evening, and that with the lot of walking I have to do during the day in connection with my job helps to keep me in good shape. It has been very cool here the past few days – whether the summer is all over now or not I do not know.

Darlin lamb I did’nt altogether forget September 6 th and 7 th not to mention our other family anniversary September 2 nd altho I must frankly admit I forgot it on the particular day. Anniversaries seem to come pretty frequently and occasionally one slips up on his remembering them. But I never forget the the 6 th for a very long time – it means so very much to me, my darling wife.

And I especially think of it and of you and of darling little Charles today because Sunday was meant for a family in the home day. And I am so anxious to get some more photos of darling little Charles & his sweetest of Mothers – if only the mail would speed up a bit once it gets on this side of the pond.

Darling I know you are with me in thought and spirit this morning and it helps me a lot. – Would to heaven we could be together & have our boy with us this glorious day. But all that will come in time. And meanwhile – well my prayers for you two love’d ones always. Devotedly,



Robert E Miller

2 nd Lieut

Air Service

Through the Distance

(to Robert from Elizabeth)


10/31/’18 Sunday – September 21

Evening – the wing chair in the living room.

Dearest of Men –

I’ve been sitting here in the candle light winding yarn for your sox – and knitting them. And the fire is blazing away so brightly and warmly, and the bronzes are shining – while the davenport opposite me looks most inviting. It is most beautiful – I have tried to make it so – for so it is that I always feel your presence the most keenly. In all beautiful things – dear Bob.

I have thought of you so much today. It always seems when I am away from you that there are many things which I have never told you (This log is fairly singing!) In so much of our married life did you bear all the burden – keeping things from bothering me, smoothing the way – always showing yourself all thoughtfulness and consideration. In their way they were wonderful months for we learned much of each other, and little Charles is a blessing that I can’t ever speak of without giving thanks to God. But I feel now as if it were my turn. You are directly facing this horrible war, beloved, and you have the inspiration of knowing that there was never cause so worthy, but there must be many things in your daily life which are annoying and difficult. I wish that I could in some way help. And I write this to tell you never to keep from writing me anything thinking – “Will Elizabeth understand? Will this bother and worry her?” Discouragement, depression, restlessness, may pass if blurted out, and if it’s any help to bad moods to tell them – why that’s what I am here for. I think I wrote you something of this when you were in Texas – but remember, darling Bobby, and I shall understand and love always . This love of mine is no changing thing, and time and place and circumstance will not affect it.

Her 100...

001. People say I'm reserved and hard to read.
002. I can be ready for work in 15 minutes.
003. I'll never be described as outgoing.
004. I like to think.
005. I have been described as professional.
006. I have discovered that most people aren't.
007. A discovery that ruined the idea of being 'grown up' for me.
008. I am not grudge holder.
009. I don't like the music he listens to when he is being a grumper.
010. I am a good speller.
011. I know more words than B.
012. I cuss when I'm mad.
013. Including the words fuck, fucker, motherfucker, shit, and damn.
014. I have learned to notice penguins because they're his favorite.
015. I can't wait to go to the zoo again.
016. I am his beautiful.
017. I hate shopping.
018. Except for him.
019. I miss him everytime I'm in Walmart.
020. We actually have fun there.
021. I love toffee latte.
022. I quit smoking.
023. The first thing I do every day is read the email he sent.
024. He always says 'Morning Beautiful.'
025. I have a sweet tooth.
026. Favourite colour is purple.
027. I like when he tells me his problems.
028. I like when I can help him.
029. I don't really like decorating.
030. I make the best turkey of anyone I know.
031. I helped B learn that air conditioning in the car is important,
032. In august, in Missouri.
033. I vaguely remember Natural Born Killers.
034. I probably fell asleep during it.
035. Given enough time, he will have sent me all his music.
036. Girly cars are the European thing ?
037. Even he is a victim.
038. Briefs.
039. What about Mr. Pink?
040. I look young for my age.
041. I have never broken a bone.
042. I have had a few sprains.
043. I have three gray hairs.
044. I have hardly read a book in the last year.
045. I still love books and miss reading.
046. I have barely seen any shows this year.
047. I probably won't next year either.
048. That disappoints me.
049. I like scalding hot showers.
050. Some things are absolute.
051. such as we are meant to be together.
052. It's really his game.
053. Don't let him kid you...
054. Thinking about him is like breathing.
055. Constant and without effort.
056. cool whip is extremely unhealthy as food goes.
057. I'm glad he feels comfortable with me.
058. I am anxious almost all of the time.
059. I need a lot of sleep.
060. I worry about him.
061. I miss him every night.
062. I lie on my side in the center of the mattress. (With all the covers!)
063. I sleep on the left.
064. I am not artistic.
065. I am creative.
066. I am impatient.
067. I am a perfectionist.
068. Which is hard on my co-workers.
069. And frustrates me.
070. I have been in the hospital enough to forget all the visits.
071. I taught him vehement.
072. I take my coffee black.
073. I am always waiting for him.
074. I rarely drink tea.
075. I think that was the first piggy back I've had since childhood.
076. I miss him in the morning.
077. I miss him on the drive to work.
078. I like talking about photographs with him.
079. I like playing with him.
080. I create clutter while I work.
081. I thrive under pressure.
082. I can concentrate in chaos.
083. I am old fashioned.
084. He teaches me many things.
085. I over analyze.
086. Not as much as him.
087. I am an introvert.
088. His gifts are more special than any I've ever received.
089. Mainly because of the meaning imbued in each.
090. I like walking more than running.
091. I like warm rain.
092. I don't like cutting winds.
093. I drive too fast with music too loud.
094. My car is a gem.
095. It has a 134,000 miles on it.
096. The past year has changed me.
097. For the better.
098. Many changes are coming in the next year.
099. The following year, and every year thereafter,
100. We will be together.

His 100...

001. I am a grumper.
002. I over-talk.
003. I'm light-hearted.
004. I'm deep thinking.
005. Professional.
006. Don't suffer fools gladly.
007. I can be petty;
008. But not as much as she is... Cause the student has surpassed the teacher... - Just Thinking
009. I like being the person she could go to.
010. There's no law of averages.
011. I am only average.
012. I am nothing.
013. She has said I am quite something;
014. Extraordinary.
015. I hate being sarcastic [sic];
016. But I never exercise that passion.
017. I have yet to reach my wits end (She says so he says).
018. Evening is my favourite part of the day.
019. He likes to listen to wind in the trees at dusk.
020. He likes the seasonal effect on trees.
021. He is like a tree, affected by the seasons... a mystery to him.
022. I can't shuffle a deck of cards;
023. She was going to teach me – I sort of got it.
024. I carry four keys at all times... One she gave me.
025. I don't have a sweet tooth, but when I'm around her I can't stop eating candy.
026. She is the person I tell my troubles too;
027. She helps me makes sense of them (even when she doesn't understand them).
028. I associates yellow to that dearest to my heart.
029. I paint badly, but decorate well.
030. I have had one Thanksgiving,
031. It was in August.
032. I'm difficult to read.
033. I have watched Natural Born Killers twice the first time I loved it;
034. The second time I spotted how bad it was.
035. I have just shy of 200 GB of music.
036. She says I drive a girly car;
037. I am patient and understanding.
038. Boxers.
039. I still haven't worked out what happened to Mr. Blue.
040. Her children think I look older than her.
041. I have broke fingers.
042. I have never been admitted to hospital.
043. My hair is still black.
044. I like how she climbs on me.
045. I read Brighton Rock once a year.
046. I have seen Coldplay six times,
047. Editors and ¡Forward, Russia! five;
048. And Sigur Ros once, but remains the event worth mention.
049. I like cold showers.
050. I don't work in absolutes.
051. I play her game,
052. I can never tell when I'm winning;
053. She can.
054. I can't stop thinking about her, even when she leaves me for ten minutes in the car to buy Cool Whip,
055. I thought of her in at least nine of those ten minutes;
056. I never tried (the) Cool Whip.
057. For the first time, with her, in her circle I felt truly accepted.
058. I worry.
059. I don't sleep well,
060. Unless she is with me;
061. Then like a baby.
062. I lie on my back at the edge of the mattress.
063. I sleep on the left.
064. I perform some arts;
065. All of which poorly.
066. I am critical.
067. I am a perfectionist;
068. This makes 66 easy.
069. I may have mild OCD.
070. She did teach me vehement;
071. But I always knew what it meant.
072. I like sugar in coffee;
073. But not in tea.
074. I gave her a piggy back across a road.
075. I feel like I'm at home away from 'home'.
076. She says I shuffle to the shower in the morning.
077. I like images of light.
078. I hate pastel portraits.
079. I can catch her when she runs and jumps on me.
080. Some would say I'm a minimalist.
081. I would rather not work in clutter.
082. I thrive under pressure;
083. But sometimes I can't stand it.
084. I am 'old fashioned'.
085. I over analyse.
086. She says I'm introspective;
087. I hated that album.
088. I like giving her gifts;
089. Especially ones of hidden or subtle meaning.
090. I walk when I'm upset;
091. I like the rain on my face and the wind cutting through me.
092. She says I use music like a drug.
093. I drive too fast with the stereo too loud.
094. The gluttony of Americans still sometimes catches me unaware;
095. I have a 192oz mug.
096. The past year has changed me;
097. For the better.
098. She gave me many of these points,
099. Shows she understands me;
100. Sometimes better than I do.


Untitled, JT / BD 2006

16 December 2006

Give Blood...

Let your fountain be blessed, And rejoice in the wife of your youth. As a loving hind and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love. - Proverbs 5:18-19

The Flying Circus...

Distance, I won't run far
I can always be found
Dearest, if you need me
I can always be found
If you want me to stay
I will stay by your side
I want you to find me
When you want one
Defending you from tides
I can always be found

Stages VII (I - VI) (In Future Continued)...

(A Future) Spectacular, BD 2006

Playlist 1.3...

001. The Killers / When You Were Young
002. Rogue Wave / Eyes
003. Numbers / Black Crow
004. Brahms / Op. 79
005. Black Moutain / Druganaut
006. Cabaret Voltaire / Fascination
007. British Sea Power / Oh, Laursen B
008. Devo / Gates Of Steel
009. The Cranberries / Stars
010. Built To Spill / The Plan
011. Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here
012. The Dears / Ticket To Immortality

15 December 2006

What Was Lost...

Untitled, BD 2006

The World At My Window...

...they think they've got me where they want, without fascination into any of my needs, not even interest in my dreams, recycled indeed...

14 December 2006

Xylem: One...

Beechy, Wiki


Yellow to purple reflects
East, to West
Our path emblazoned by
The special lighting, an understanding
The things we do for each other
Top, to bottom
Falling leaves returned
Lifting us like the moonrise at night
It's grace for her majesty
Left, to right
The things we write
Melodies are not quite linear
Yet feels and tastes like a carousel
Madame, to Monsieur
As sight and sound pair
Two became one, walking in unison
Growing within
Filling the senses we know
And dream

13 December 2006

Colours Of Change...

Untitled, KW 2006


What you can stand
You've only pushed me a little
Now its time
To side by side again
You bring me near
Its a light that becomes
All that fills my eyes
I've forgotten
You were ever gone
Because you weren't really
I've found
Where my heart belongs

12 December 2006

Reaching (Continued Further Still Again)...

Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

11 December 2006


Every given day
Never ever hardly able to write
But the next ones
Vows worth blood
You and I on the inside
Of almost everything
You and I on the outside
Of almost everything
You and I on the other side
Of almost everything
Cause we
We've got the same heart
It's in the only words
Within us

2 In 79...

I tell you my fears, you tell me your fears. Does it help when I call for you, when I call your name? Do you wonder why we live or why we die? Is it just win some lose some? Under a sky maybe we don't fly, but we soar with the song. Spending time, to understand. We've seen it, felt it, now we want it. Do dragons exhale fire? All we want is there...

10 December 2006

So Some Lonesome Corner So Many Flowers Bloom...

A Nemesis Of Misgovernment...

Every association or ambition, must have made itself felt in heightened pulse and genial flow of spirits. These fanatical miners must often have rejoiced at some obstacle overcome by patience, at some success achieved under difficulties by some simple but clever contrivance, at some gossip outwitted, without reflecting at every instant that the result for which they strained nerve and brain was to be the death of many and in all probability...

Comfort Column (If Discontinued)...

He returns...

09 December 2006

Comfort Column (Continued Further Still With My Only Words)...

Made me
At least
Of me
Lit up
Those eyes
A number one
You, are
You lighten
The way
That was

08 December 2006

Through The Leaves...

Between 95 And 96 My Eyes Find Her Light In The Green, BD 2006

Another Two Rhapsodies...

He stands alone
On a piece of ground
Is it hurt or death
She waits to see
Whats happening
Making it safe and sound
She says free me
He fights his enemy
With her to protect his eye
He's trying to set her free
She takes his love
And makes him feel alright
He takes her love
Her mind not alone

07 December 2006

We Take Them On Together...

Unlocking Melodies, BD 2006

06 December 2006


The word moral just doesn't seem to fit, in its modern sense, into an account of Aristotelian ethics... If someone professes to be expounding Aristotle and talks in a modern fashion about 'moral' such and such, he must be very imperceptive if he does not constantly feel like someone whose jaws have somehow got out of alignment: the teeth don't come together in a proper bite...

05 December 2006


12.01.2006, Kris

Who Listens Anyway...

She's so beautiful he's so typical
Like different species from different planets
He's from a Mars but
She's a sexy number six from Venus
She'll take that spirit and she's going to re-make it
He's so new age, she's a new age
She re-wrote the manual on how to pour
With his name on every page
No more black cats or magpies
Just dolphins and butterflies
It's a nartural compassion behind her eyes
She took those deepest darkest fears
And sweat them out without tears
With her love and friendship thrives

04 December 2006

Nothing To Say...

Some Moods There's Just Nothing To Say, BD 2006 [REVISION]

03 December 2006


I will hold you near
That much is clear
Its a suspension
Of absorping emotion
The line...

02 December 2006

Bee or Wasp ?

A Wooden Horse...

We ourselves may be loved for a brief time... Even so, that will suffice... There is a land for the living and there is a land for the dead...

01 December 2006

Success (Everytime)...

BS Test Card 1964

You Me Us...

A moments thought...