01 September 2006

Waking Dreams (You Fill My Senses Continued)...

Seeing your eyes close, feeling your chest sinking in rhythm to the gently deepening sound of your breathing, thinking what you would dream of. I fell into a sleep, a warm comfortable sleep with you resting against me.

My dreams began to drift over me; the moments playing back on the insides of my eyelids. In the intervals where I woke, there you were; my dream, I was awake but you were still filling my senses...


Blogger just thinking said...

As my eyes grow heavy, your warmth wraps around me. My body sinks into you and I am so glad to have your strength to rest in.

As I fall asleep I am thinking of you next to me and visions of our future rush through my head.

I wake on occasion and look to where you are.. Sometimes your eyes are looking at me, or your voice is in my ear.

I am filled with happiness that I can wrap my arms around you in the dark.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just lovely, maybe we just to copy this into the book.

Blogger just thinking said...

Yes I do like this style quite a lot.


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