31 August 2006


On - Off, BD 2006

30 August 2006


When it's dark and i'm pushing the mower back to it's dark little cave in the back yard, I look over my shoulder, with a little shiver of fear, for the boogeyman.

Finding His Eyes

Through the Leaves, JT 2006

Sui Generis (Visions Continued Further)...

Before then I had never heard a moment speak so well
Seeing you and how you were being so kind to me
In the corners of your eyes lies the twinkle of starlight
There was a feeling there that soon became defined


My Only Words, BD 2006

29 August 2006


It's how I know I miss you, because the setting is for four.

You Are More Than My Only Words...

If I were to form a sentence or a phrase
Compose a poem or even a love letter
Could I convey the meaning to you
Of how I read your different kisses
Or how your words feel on my lips

If I were to paint a portrait or a landscape
Capture a frame in time or an abstract space
Could I convey the meaning to you
Of how I view your faultless beauty
Or how my images enter your watch

28 August 2006

Reaching (Continued Even Further Than Before)

Hurdles, JT 2006

Some Hurdles Seem So High

I can't sleep
Not even after a warm shower.
Are you sleeping ?
I wandered
About the house, peered out the windows.
Is someone out there ?
I thought about
Our past and the path through the present.
How did we get here ?
The future seems
So far, I think my heart could break.
Am I worthy of the effort ?
I am sinking
Into a melancholic reverie, warm, easy.
What is this strange calm ?
My head is filled
With the scent of you rising from my damp skin.

Which way from here ?


Line In Sight, JT / BD 2006

27 August 2006

Her Beauty Makes Three And Four, Three And Four Make Twelve...

I walk in the grass and
I feel some peace at last
I walk on the beach and for once
I feel some ease
I'll take a picture of you
To remember how good you look
- Manic Street Preachers / Enola~Alone

It All Started With Phaedra...

Shade #11, BD 2006

26 August 2006

Phenotype (Three)...

A comfortable chair
Surrounded by my centre
Forgive me for wanting a sign
To show my joy at night
As two become one
It's turning out this way
We are growing deep
No problems with gridlock
Or saving the life
Resting like we should be

25 August 2006

Million Dollar Man...

I have never been in a position that I could leave my balance unchecked on pay day. I feel that bottleneck around the turn of the year, I shop around for insurance, I hate looking at my phone bill. But today I spoke about money with JT. I realised, money just doesn't matter that much to me anymore - I'm just looking to pay for the things needed and live comfortably; support her and share our time with some of the things we want.

In honesty I feel richer than I ever have...

24 August 2006

It's Not Just Yellow Bricks That Lead Us There

Fairy Tales, JT 2006

Butterfly Effect

I think he feels the smallest ripple in my world, the same way I feel the ripples in his.

A Sign...

Untitled, Sea 2006

23 August 2006


Don't you ever leave comments ? We know you're there, we'd just like to know what you think...

Colour: Natural Grey...

Untitled, BD 2006

Convergence (Continued)...

Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other. - Felix Adler

A Different Flight (Grace Continued Further Still)...

Untitled, Uncredited 2005

Phenotype (Two)...

I can hide in myself
If murder is easy
What is so hard to say
That it shouldn't be
I have always said
I want to love you my way
I savour the line
From a million reflections
You are the one
That has always caught my eye

22 August 2006


The process whereby organisms not closely related independently acquire similar characteristics while evolving in separate and sometimes varying ecosystems.

Playlist 1.2...

001. The Music / Guide
002. Brian Eno / Ascent
003. Oasis / Digsy's Dinner
004. Blackouts / I Have Found Mine
005. The Concretes / Chosen One
006. Cast / Magic Hour
007. Jackie De Shannon / What The World Needs Now
008. Thirteen Senses / Automatic
009. Stills / Love And Death
010. Cooper Temple Clause / Film Maker
011. Amorphous Androgynous / Divinty
012. Gomez / Buena Vista

More Than Debris In My Eyes...

Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

Opposing Views ?

Sometimes when you really want to let go, you need to hold tighter.

If the want for release is there then it should be taken.

Gifts mean nothing if they are not embraced by the receiver.

Gifts mean everything if they are from the heart.

Phenotype (One)...

Time to fall asleep
I take the fractions
Of these emotions
Seeing your dreams
I have found in life
Piecing together
What you wanted me too
I protect your senses
And I will serve any
Sentence for you

21 August 2006

Which Way From Here (Continued)...

Flight: Depth, BD 2006


If it's a myth then why do we long for it ?

Monogamy: It's Good For You

In animals from established social pairs corticosterone levels also fluctuate according to the social environment of the animal; the absence of a familiar partner is associated with increased corticosterone secretion, and in the presence of the familiar partner corticosterone levels tend to decline. (Carter et al., 1995)

I Look Beyond Surfaces (Continued)...

They hold tight on your beauty
There is no mistake in what they reflect

They touch in a way trying to lock
There is no doubt in the intimacy they serve

They dance in your volume
There is no fault in the harmony that you play

I look to you and I see you, I love you...

Thinkings With Rays...

Early Reminders, BD 2006

20 August 2006

This Is Hurt So Lovely...

Heavens above us
Living in a solice
I'd give it all
For a day
A second, in the way
Is life still the same
I don't think so
Not since that day
I fell for you


Untitled, JT / BD 2006

Explanation Of Every (Stages Simplified)...

Exploration everywhere
Expression in everyway
Expansion to everything
Exaltation for evermore

19 August 2006

Reflecting Our Colours...

Glace, JT / BD 2006

The Most Important Thing...

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters
Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
And nothing else matters
Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters
Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
- Metallica / Nothing Else Matters


Resting Place, JT / BD 2006

She Is Beautiful...

When she wakes up, as the slither of the light glimmers on her newly opened eyes and the first smile of her day emerges she is beautiful.
When she showers, as the warming water drips from her and suds trail over her skin she is beautiful.
When she drives, as she sighs over light changes and she observes the other drivers on the road she is beautiful.
When she complains, as her tone nags at me and I think of scratching chalkboards she is beautiful.
When she answers her phone, as her voice smiles to the caller and she asks them how they are she is beautiful.
When she cooks, as she chops and when she checks on what I am doing she is beautiful.
When she sits with me, as her body and her legs are resting on me and her arms are tangled amongst mine she is beautiful.
When she talks to me, as her mouth moves and her gentle accent spills around me she is beautiful.
When she listens to me, as her eyes follow mine and her interested she brings her forward to me she is beautiful.
When she doesn't listen to me, as her eyes wander the room and I feel the lightness of her grasp she is beautiful.
When she sleeps, as her breathing slows and deepens and the movement of her chest is rhythmic she is beautiful.

18 August 2006

Bridges Built...

Untitled, JT / BD 2006

New Footings...

Dance slow with me for the whole night long
Sing with me one of our forever love songs
Swim with me on the floor in ecstatic waves
It's this new dreamer's wish, dance with me


Untitled, BD 2006

Depression (Part 2)...

Kill me just now when my senses are too strong
It's no illusion where everyday I bleed
Do you see, do you even know
That I have been brought down again
Suffering at the hands of my head
Till I can't hide the pain of the words said
Is this the ending of another start
Communication meant to connect the apart
Promises given on the cross of a heart
If I can't find the way now and if you can't show
I'll begin to defend trying never to suffer breakout

17 August 2006

Moments: Completing...

You brought the missing piece B, and smoothed us both...

Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

100 Plus...

001. She has shown me new things, things I never thought of.

002. Things I had never seen before.

003. She unlocked and opened parts of me unreachable to other hands.

004. She has allowed me to feel things I hadn't known.

005. She has brought dreams true.

006. She has brought me new dreams.

007. She teaches me.

008. Challenges me.

009. She makes me smile.

010. She smiles when I wake her.

011. She licks my lips.

012. She comforts me.

013. I miss her.

014. I cried for missing her.

015. She laughs when I'm silly.

016. She curls next to me.

017. She sits on me when there are chairs available.

018. I tease her about not paying.

019. I complain when she doesn't take my money.

020. She still amazes me.

021. I fitted her world.

022. This is a first for me, to fit someone elses life like its my own.

023. I like her family.

024. I am under the impression they like me.

025. I like her daughters.

026. I am under the impression they like me too.

027. She shrinks into the cute grin when she feels shy.

028. I sometimes try too hard to make her laugh.

029. She is the hardest person to argue with.

030. The silences after arguments hurt worse than the arguments themselves.

031. I get lost in these silences.

032. We can be very expressive in our comfortable silences.

033. We are both stubborn.

034. She is more so.

035. She has cut down smoking for me.

036. She smells good.

037. I like how her skin tastes.

038. Its soft like cotton.

039. She has a beautiful figure.

040. She thinks of me sometimes.

041. She buys me lovely gifts.

042. She shares with me.

043. I with her.

044. We share being creative.

045. We created a number of works together.

046. She is far better at most things than she will take credit for.

047. I want to help her.

048. I want to look after her.

049. She cooked for me.

050. It was very good.

051. I helped (or hindered) her.

052. I enjoyed it, the helping.

053. I enjoy doing things with her.

054. Even going to Walmart.

055. We laugh about people together.

056. We joke together, our banter has become quite refined.

057. She took me swimming - might not seem like a big deal but it was to me.

058. She fills me with a different kind of confidence.

059. Her support is proving quite apparent.

060. I told her about my hurts.

061. She holds me.

062. Always, exactly when I need it.

063. She is easy to pick up.

064. Sometimes harder to lift.

065. She listened to music with me.

066. Music she probably didn't like.

067. We cleaned together, she makes the ordinary things we do extraordinary.

068. I want to do everything with her, I want us to share every experience.

069. I hope for a future with her, continuing our growing.

070. I want us to be old together and have our own past.

071. I want it to be the past we remember.

072. We went to a club together and I wrapped around her and kissed her feeling as comfortable as I did on our bench.

073. We have a bench.

074. I feel like I am resting when I am with her.

075. I hate when she goes without saying bye.

076. I hate when she says bye.

077. -

078. She makes me want to be a better man.

079. She loves me even though I am failing to be that.

080. I can't stay mad at her.

081. I can't stay upset with her.

082. I feel upset when she is mad at me.

083. I feel really upset when she is upset with me.

084. She puts her hands in my pockets.

085. We planted a flower together.

086. I hope it blooms in reflection of us.

087. I still see her in everything.

088. We find new links daily.

089. I feel bound to her, she feels mated to me.

090. She calls me a treasure.

091. She strikes hope and faith in me that not every spark burns out.

092. Our relationship can be associated to fire, water, colours, rainbows, paths, lightbulbs, paths, links, amongst other things.

093. She thinks of even doing day-to-day things with me.

094. I think of doing them with her.

095. She is ambitious.

096. And succesful with her goals.

097. It is easy to be proud of her.

098. I like to be seen with her.

099. I like our public displays of affection.

100. I can write 200 things about her easily and I struggled to write 42 of myself.

16 August 2006

She Brings My Coffee (He Brings My Coffee Continued)...

Matching / Complimentary / Perfect Pair, BD 2006

15 August 2006

Job Dissatisfaction

Just guilt from doing the job poorly ?


The words emerging
Through the distance
Shatter my heart
With their silence

His Flowers Bloom in My Garden

In the Garden, JT 2006

Moments: Continuing Our Moments Made...

She wore yellow...

She was propped up against a pillar with a look on her face of the purest light, on her face a smile that prodded a smile onto my face. She brought her light back to my life, she began to shine on me again that made me feel so alive. Her eyes were big and shining, the liner she had around them added focus to the velvety green and crispness to the white of her eyes. When she motioned toward me, I could feel the warmth grow in me like the warmth on skin that the sun gives when clouds clear its path. She is beautiful, I could see it; I always do. She is so beautiful, even more than the picture I was showing myself over and over on the flight. We touched, we emerged from under our shadows to embrace, to bind, to find the feeling of each others skin, my hands placed on her in effort to assist the thoughts on my mind. She fitted against me, almost as if I was cast for her; we lit the vicinity under the darkness of the stars.


We walked together, our trail easy, our steps in time. I was standing looking, she was watching me; her eyes searching mine. Her body against mine, my arms around her - gently pulling her closer to me. Her nose pressing into my neck, her cheek resting on my chest. Her hair was soft to the touch as her scent was to my nose. My eyes were in hers and her lips were on mine. Between scanning for my luggage I took in her features again, I spoiled myself by tracing her face, her pretty little face that is made of delicate graceful features. I held her close and a smile commanded me. I was tired from the journey, but seeing her and feeling our spark was refreshing it prevented my body taking any notice of the jet lag I was meant to be suffering. We had slipped back into the intimacy that we so easily grew into previously.

We contine seamlessly...

Stages: Unlocking...

Untitled, JT / BD 2006

14 August 2006

He Brings My Coffee

You see a long time ago, I saw a scene in a movie where a man brought coffee to woo a lovely lady, early in the morning at her doorstep. I turned to my daughters and said, “Marry the man who brings you coffee like that.” A small gesture, gaining nothing, a simple expression of love.

Sometimes the Most Ordinary Things are Extraordinary...

One Hundred Ones

1. He read me.
2. He linked to me.
3. His first gift to me was a drawing.
4. His second gift to me was a song.
5. He drew (a picture) me.
6. He can see who I really am.
7. He loves me anyway.
8. He listens to me.
9. He hears me.
10. He named me.
11. He writes with me.
12. He writes for me.
13. He encourages me to write.
14. He chases me.
15. He holds me.
16. He sits with me.
17. He keeps me honest.
18. He calls me sulky.
19. He makes me laugh even when I feel sulky.
20. He doesn’t let me run away.
21. He challenges me.
22. He waits for me.
23. He cares for my body.
24. He cares for my soul.
25. He cares for my mind.
26. He brings me a towel when I get out of the shower.
27. He tells me his secrets.
28. He opens me in different ways every day.
29. He cries with me.
30. He loses sleep for me.
31. I am his priority.
32. He wraps around my heart.
33. He is my shell.
34. I am his focus.
35. He gave me a rainbow.
36. He painted me yellow.
37. He made me his queen.
38. Some sparks don’t burn out.
39. He stimulates me.
40. He comforts me.
41. He makes me feel safe.
42. He looks for new ways to express his love to me everyday.
43. He inspires me.
44. He teaches me.
45. He gave meaning to leaves, flowers, and trees.
46. He is always interested in me.
47. He thinks I’m beautiful.
48. He thinks I’m special.
49. He tells me every day.
50. He makes me want to leave everything.
51. He supports me.
52. I don’t have to ask.
53. He studies the things I’m interested in.
54. He’s proud of me.
55. We are constantly touching.
56. He asks me questions.
57. I tell him the truth.
58. I tell him secrets.
59. When we walk together, we fit perfectly in stride.
60. He always wants me to sit in his lap.
61. I can tell him anything.
62. I trust him.
63. I am not afraid for him to see my flaws.
64. He asks for my help.
65. He balances me.
66. He wants to share everything with me.
67. He shows me his smiles.
68. He shows me new perspectives.
69. My family likes him.
70. He likes my children.
71. They like him.
72. We go to art museums together.
73. We take photographs together.
74. He compliments my ‘eye.’
75. My body likes his.
76. I feel at ease when we are intimate.
77. We could do anything together.
78. He buttered my bread for me.
79. When he says everything will be okay, I believe him.
80. He needs me.
81. He is my purple.
82. He is my serif.
83. He touches my heart.
84. He strokes my soul.
85. He lets me touch his heart.
86. He lets me stroke his soul.
87. He wrote a song for me.
88. It wasn’t hokey.
89. I want to be his queen.
90. He picks me up at least once a day.
91. I want to give him everything I have.
92. I respect him.
93. I can see his love for me in his eyes.
94. Our first date was in London.
95. My eyes always look for his.
96. They always find them.
97. He is multi-faceted.
98. I am impressed by who he is as a person.
99. He cares about me.
100. I am willing to give up things for him.
101. He is my one.

13 August 2006

Sharing Space (Continued)...

Quality bathroom time is essential...

Brushes, JT / BD 2006

Number 20

The rumble of the racing clouds
Echoes from within me
Eyes closed against the rain
The droplets fill my mind
Softly dripping down the line
Seized by petals as they fall
To fill the puddles that swell the ground
And rise to meet the swirling gray
Spilling into the darkness of my mind
As your helpless, pleading eyes
Reach across the rushing waters
The world stands stark in electric silence
And I sink into the soundless depths


Is for us to be loving each other. Everthing else is secondary.

Moments: Creativity...

Sunset Sunrise, JT / BD 2006

12 August 2006


The time we've had
Never passed slow
The wind could blow
With rain and snow
We put our features
In the places they had to go
Our time does show
We can bloom and grow

On Going with the Flow...

You have to be committed enough to get into the flow... BD

Melting in the Blazing Sun

Echoes IV

Sometimes I fear that the rushing sound of life will drown out the leaves, and the rattling of old chains as their bones fall from the closet will muffle the pulsing heart until it sounds like fading footsteps.

11 August 2006

Which Way From Here ?

Crossroad, JT 2006

A Platitude Shared...

Is it the habit of waste or is it just the taste?

10 August 2006

Playlist 1.1...

001. Snow Patrol / Chasing Cars
002. Keane / Is It Any Wonder
003. Editors / Colour
004. Sigur Ros / Saeglopur
005. Coldplay / See You Soon
006. Bloc Party / Pioneers
007. Talking Heads / Heaven
008. Embrace / Out Of Nothing
009. Mew / Envoy Across Open Fields
010. Long Winters / Ultimatum
011. Elgar / Adiago (F)
012. Leaves / The Spell

09 August 2006

Living In Each Others Pockets (Sharing Space)...

Untitled, JT / BD 2006

08 August 2006


Lets take a look
At your brand new heart
Where there is nothing left
To rule the decline
Or hold this
If there is nothing left

07 August 2006


Untitled, BD 2006

06 August 2006

Moments: The Ordinary Extraordinary...

The simplicity extravagent
The formality casual
The functionality fickle
The solemnity weightless
The liturgy easy
The observed engrossing
The ordinace navigated
The parade danced
The service enjoyed
The show beautiful
The tradition effortless
The feeling custom

05 August 2006


Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

03 August 2006

Majestic (Continued)...

A herding direction
Is a melodic collision
Learning for bending
The bespoke bonding

02 August 2006

Deluge To Decant...

Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

Isolation (Continued)...

In fear every day, every evening
He calls her aloud from above
Carefully watched for a reason
Painstaking devotion and love
Surrendered to self preservation
From others who care for themselves
A blindness that touches perfection
But hurts just like anything else

01 August 2006


Untitled, BD 2006