12 July 2006


001. How she makes me feel; special and loved.

002. Her beautiful figure, its grace; she may complain of but she is beautifully built; the proportion of the flats and the curves perfect.

003. How she fits me. (Sitting, standing, walking, lying, in dreams, in talks, how her soul and heart tie to mine...)

004. Her eyes are the most beautiful I have seen. Pretty greens, blues and browns of unrecorded depth; seeing my self in those windows took me from where I was and put me in a dream.

005. Her aroma.

006. How she kisses me.

007. Her shyness, how she lowers her head and smiles to herself.

008. She has completed me.

009. Her way of reaching for my hand as we walk.

010. She tells me how I am the man she dreamt of.

011. How she listens to my petty work dramas.

012. Her lips are delicate and soft, sensually engineered; her kisses are amazing.

013. She asks me how my day went.

014. How she looks when she is reading something that is interesting.

015. How she looks when she is reading something that is not interesting.

016. She is thoughtful.

017. Her ambition, her desire to do good - it makes me feel very proud of her and the things she has achieved.

018. Her way of pausing to pull closer to me, to hold me, be held by me.

019. How I can't sleep when we fight.

020. How she understands me, her patience and care in learning me. (Torrents)

021. Seeing her hair move, feeling how fine it is; the colours of its tones.

022. She has let me believe in soul mates.

023. She always beats me at Word Racer.

024. Her love for books.

025. The way she eats popcorn.

026. She is beautiful, her inside and out, her heart and soul, her body and mind.

027. Her collar bone drives me wild.

028. Her handwriting.

029. She gives me her time.

030. She has lovely hands I long to touch, to hold. They feel at home when they are in mine.

031. How cute she is when she sticks just a little of her tongue out at me.

032. She inspires me.

033. Her ears, they're little - don't ask I just like them.

034. How she tells me she daydreams about me.

035. Her way with words, a way that reaches and touches me.

036. For the kind of work she is involved in.

037. She jokes about me.

038. She jokes about me joking about me.

039. How she reacts to me joking about her.

040. She keeps the notes I send her.

041. How she asks for my opinion.

042. She tells me I'm different.

043. She has the softest skin, golden brown. I could stroke her all day.

044. Sometimes she calls me baby.

045. She challenges me.

046. How she tells me I am 'better' than her then shows me up.

047. She is my sun, she shows me her light.

048. She encourages me.

049. She stays up to watch films, films she works out are bad after 10 minutes but watches them anyway.

050. She has brought me brilliant shades of all the colours.

051. She is intelligent.

052. She is funny.

053. She can still surprise me.

054. When we talk on the phone, I can hear her smile.

055. Her thighs are perfect.

056. She has a smile, a beautiful little smile that lights up her face; the way her cheeks raise is lovely.

057. She makes me smile without knowing.

058. Her bum is... :D

059. She trusts me, feels safe with me.

060. She makes me be silly.

061. She is silly with me.

062. We have great fun together.

063. She moves with charms and grace, carries herself elegantly.

064. She thrills me, she flirts with me.

065. How sometimes she needs me.

066. I can feel her within me and I can see her in everything.

067. She is sexy.

068. Her name echoes in music.

069. The stars remind me of her.

070. She makes me happy.

071. She tells me that I 'started it'.

072. She calms me.

073. The things she rolls her eyes at.

074. The way she sighs.

075. Being intimate with her is so easy, I feel at one with her.

076. She tells me she misses me.

077. How I feel lost when we upset our routines.

078. She is the best person, the only person I want to have around when I feel good and when I don't.

079. She warms my heart.

080. She thanks me when I tell her obvious things.

081. She doesn't need to ask me anymore.

082. I could endlessly listen to her voice.

083. She sits with me when I'm not feeling too good.

084. She worries about me.

085. She is a melody.

086. How special yellow is to me, she is special.

087. She likes leaves.

088. The way she reads my metaphors.

089. How she can be sultry.

090. She is my dream, she is in my dreams.

091. The sound of her laugh.

092. How amazing she can look in a vest.

093. Her admirable approach to community.

094. She says I am handsome.

095. How it feels to kiss her neck.

096. How she knows I respect and admire her.

097. Sometimes she doesn't know how to take my adorations.

098. She has diverse interests.

099. She advises me.

100. She is my best friend.

101. She is my one.


Blogger Tish said...

Awww. I'm so glad you two found each other! :)

Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Holey moley. If someone even paid this much attention to me, let alone love all those things, I would die a happy woman.
And these are so descriptive, its like we can see JT through your eyes, BD.
What a special love you have.


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