31 December 2007



Domestic Bliss

We sleep.
Wake with sleepy smiles.
We work.
Enjoying fruits of labor.
We fight.
Wishing the pain would stop.
We make love.
Relishing the connection.
We talk.
Knowing each other is fun.
We do our chores.
Working together is quiet tandem.
We make cookies.. together.
Not because he needs help,
Just because he wants me there.

It's all consumation really.

30 December 2007

Best Wishes And All That Pish...

Fireworks, BD 2006 [REVISION]

27 December 2007

You Might Be A Republican If...

...you are pro-life, but support the death penalty.

24 December 2007


Snowflakes, BD et al 2007 [REVISION]

19 December 2007

Decorously Draconian...

I saw her standing there. The colours of her hair. She knows I can't resist, the pose in her lips. I didn't try to run from it, the temptation as it stared me down. The lonely heart, I hear freely now. I always wanted it, as it wears me down. I want it. Heaven can wait for me now, with an open gate, she watches me, floating, like flowers on the shore. No words coming from her lips, am I crazy?