11 July 2006

When We Are Old

Will your love for me be as fresh
As the day when you
First knew it ?

Behind the dim eyes, gray hairs
And wrinkles, will you still see
Beautiful ?

Will you whisper softly into my
ear your love for me in the still
Of each morning ?

Will you know where we are, and
Where we came from
When I forget ?

Will you remember me
When you have forgotten
Everyone else ?


Blogger BD said...

The whisper of your touch will still draw fires upon my skin.
Your silent tears never blunting will still pierce my heart.
Your smile still could forever make everything right.
In quiet moments I'll see the same girl shines from within your eyes.
The link will remain past my loss of sight.
In my heart I'll always love your light, I'll love you.

Blogger BD said...

I forgot the Preface...

Blogger BD said...

When I'm with you
I hope eternity is a step away
With each passing day
Links continue to grow
Within, from my soul
I want you to know
You bring a joy to my heart
With each touch on your part
I love you more and more
Whenever we say goodbye
And whenever we are apart
Know I hold you dearly
Inside my heart

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really taken with all of these, even the Preface BD wrote. Strong, definite and you know when you get to our age and it still has that feelings you know you are in something special.

Blogger just thinking said...

I can't wait to see him age.


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