17 December 2006

Her 100...

001. People say I'm reserved and hard to read.
002. I can be ready for work in 15 minutes.
003. I'll never be described as outgoing.
004. I like to think.
005. I have been described as professional.
006. I have discovered that most people aren't.
007. A discovery that ruined the idea of being 'grown up' for me.
008. I am not grudge holder.
009. I don't like the music he listens to when he is being a grumper.
010. I am a good speller.
011. I know more words than B.
012. I cuss when I'm mad.
013. Including the words fuck, fucker, motherfucker, shit, and damn.
014. I have learned to notice penguins because they're his favorite.
015. I can't wait to go to the zoo again.
016. I am his beautiful.
017. I hate shopping.
018. Except for him.
019. I miss him everytime I'm in Walmart.
020. We actually have fun there.
021. I love toffee latte.
022. I quit smoking.
023. The first thing I do every day is read the email he sent.
024. He always says 'Morning Beautiful.'
025. I have a sweet tooth.
026. Favourite colour is purple.
027. I like when he tells me his problems.
028. I like when I can help him.
029. I don't really like decorating.
030. I make the best turkey of anyone I know.
031. I helped B learn that air conditioning in the car is important,
032. In august, in Missouri.
033. I vaguely remember Natural Born Killers.
034. I probably fell asleep during it.
035. Given enough time, he will have sent me all his music.
036. Girly cars are the European thing ?
037. Even he is a victim.
038. Briefs.
039. What about Mr. Pink?
040. I look young for my age.
041. I have never broken a bone.
042. I have had a few sprains.
043. I have three gray hairs.
044. I have hardly read a book in the last year.
045. I still love books and miss reading.
046. I have barely seen any shows this year.
047. I probably won't next year either.
048. That disappoints me.
049. I like scalding hot showers.
050. Some things are absolute.
051. such as we are meant to be together.
052. It's really his game.
053. Don't let him kid you...
054. Thinking about him is like breathing.
055. Constant and without effort.
056. cool whip is extremely unhealthy as food goes.
057. I'm glad he feels comfortable with me.
058. I am anxious almost all of the time.
059. I need a lot of sleep.
060. I worry about him.
061. I miss him every night.
062. I lie on my side in the center of the mattress. (With all the covers!)
063. I sleep on the left.
064. I am not artistic.
065. I am creative.
066. I am impatient.
067. I am a perfectionist.
068. Which is hard on my co-workers.
069. And frustrates me.
070. I have been in the hospital enough to forget all the visits.
071. I taught him vehement.
072. I take my coffee black.
073. I am always waiting for him.
074. I rarely drink tea.
075. I think that was the first piggy back I've had since childhood.
076. I miss him in the morning.
077. I miss him on the drive to work.
078. I like talking about photographs with him.
079. I like playing with him.
080. I create clutter while I work.
081. I thrive under pressure.
082. I can concentrate in chaos.
083. I am old fashioned.
084. He teaches me many things.
085. I over analyze.
086. Not as much as him.
087. I am an introvert.
088. His gifts are more special than any I've ever received.
089. Mainly because of the meaning imbued in each.
090. I like walking more than running.
091. I like warm rain.
092. I don't like cutting winds.
093. I drive too fast with music too loud.
094. My car is a gem.
095. It has a 134,000 miles on it.
096. The past year has changed me.
097. For the better.
098. Many changes are coming in the next year.
099. The following year, and every year thereafter,
100. We will be together.


Blogger just thinking said...

101. I drink rootbeer because it reminds me of August sun, and time in the park,sitting on our bench.

Blogger BD said...

I miss that...

Blogger just thinking said...

We should buy the house on the corner..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AC is a major purchasing point of a car!

Blogger Tish said...

What a sweet list! I hope you two are together again soon!


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