30 November 2006


Untitled, Uncredited 2005

Shimmering lights, neon lights
Guiding flights...
- Kraftwerk / Neon Lights

29 November 2006


Sometimes, I feel so alone
I need, something to hold
I hear your song, it keeps me whole
Your love, swallows my soul
Time, it seems to fall
Will I, sing for you wait for you
I'd kill for you
Help me out, see me through
I'll live for you
Hold me back, sit me down
I'll follow you
I'll sing for you


Untitled, JT 2006


I am alone.

One Of Those Days...

11/28/2006, Scott Adams 2006

Politics: Diplomatic...

The failure of the knife
Remained to distinguish wrong from right
Even when the institution was deciding
How to provide a modern life

28 November 2006

About Me and Him

Untitled, Uncredited

This and That

I had surgery last week.. not major but I'm still sore enough. I missed B a lot although being laid up gave me plenty more time to speak with him and for us to dream up some new dreams. It's hard being alone, harder being so close and yet so far from the person who makes everything better. I've been thinking a lot about my life, my priorities, my dreams... how everything merges with him, and how if it doesn't involve him, I have no interest in it. My daughter picked this week to move out, a different kind of hard. It's not a bad thing, just seems too soon, although I don't know when it won't be... I've just a little more time with the other one. My new year's wish was freedom. I feel freer than I have in a long time I think, and it took hard times to get to that point. The change that came wasn't the one that I expected.

27 November 2006

A Given Line...

The Golden, BD 2006 [REVISION]

There Is Nothing In These Eyes But Our Design...

My heads, my hands, my hearts
You tell me they are worlds apart
But something beneath the nodes
Is your golden, I'm feeding on it

26 November 2006

That Given Line...

Untitled, Topel / BD 2006 [REVISION]

This Given Line...

This would as be a good time
You should come meet me at ours
We'll collect those lonely parts
And set them down at our feet

25 November 2006

Politics: Crime...

Untitled, Richmond 2005

The Worth Of News...

After how many years of being brought a version of the news, through one medium or another; we (the 'flocks of individuals') have decided to call it quits. What's the point in that which is going on? Everything has already been said, or its been done. There is 'nothing new' under the sun. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Those words, by the way, are from an old book called Ecclesiastes, which like the common newspaper, has lost all significance under the weight of postmodern thought.

Postmodernism informs us that there is no universal truth, no right and wrong, just meaningless accidents that stumbled into life as we know it. We should stop pretending we know the important news of the day. After all, the most important news is about you. So if you still want to read important news, write it yourself, no-one can do it for you. After all, isn't news is a subjective term?

24 November 2006


Ham, BD et al 2006 [REVISION]

Embellishments From The Embark...

I recall that moment of our meeting
You appeared, before me like a vision fleeting
It was a striking beauty as angel's are pure and without fear
In hopeless ennui, the surrounding, the bustle around my ear
Longing for your voice, to keep sounding
For long in dreams came features
Of futures dear
Time passed and unruly storms confounded
But I never forgot how tender you had sounded
Or how your heavenly esoteric appeared
The thoughts remain so clear
Even when my days dragged slow and quiet
The dull fence around and the dark vault above
Devoid of god and uninspired
The instant when you appear
The heart with me, in ecstasy is beating
Old joys for it anew revive
The fire, and tears, and love alive

23 November 2006

Fracture From Within...

Fracture From Within, BD 2006 [REVISION]

22 November 2006


Horizon's gone with another recollection
Of the blind, deaf and golden fire, the sun
Where eyes are not the be all and end all
The feelings of our rushing heat
Showed some sense some time ago
That this design was built for the call

21 November 2006


Untitled, Uncredited 2006 [REVISION]

20 November 2006


When I am destroyed
And waiting to become
Dust, he builds me
Into the clouds.
He calms my heart, and
His steady hand stitches
The ragged edges into
A garment of gold.
When I was left for dead
His gentle hands
Nursed me back to life.

Humpty Dumpty

There seems to be no one
Around, to bring the glue
The crowd gathers to enjoy
The hanging, clapping to the
Music of creaking in the wind
And when the last piece fell
There was nothing more to tell
As the memory faded into the
Bright, blue distance.

Light Within...

Untitled (Sketches), Goya

19 November 2006

Special Specials...

Even the oculist could see
That blissful lights happen
On the darkest days
When the arborist is us returns
To revive the volume
That every otorhinolaryngologist
Will say is too great
Unlike the generalist
Who can compare us to everything
Even a bathroom sink
Where the depth reflects part of us
The beauty captured
In some limnologists reports
Doesn't do this decoration justice
Its even greater than
The only words crafted
By the graphologist
We are the only experts
Of this speciality

18 November 2006

Since There Was Nothing Positive To Say...

Reaching XVII, BD 2006

17 November 2006

I'll Try To Sing A Happy Song, A Happy Game...

There are ways to live
Each with a way to die
The inbetween satisfied
We were left on the window pane
Just me and the weather that came
What happens to fire
In the pouring rain
It hears as the wind
It roars
Can you look in my eyes
And say my name

16 November 2006

Bricks (Continued Further)...

Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

15 November 2006


We demonstrate love to others in the way we want love shown to us. A couple can get into trouble when they forget to mirror the wishes of their partner, instead their own.

Bricks (Continued)...

Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

If Yes, Then Listen (Can You Hear Continued)...

Don't be asleep when the dreams realise, don't be awake when all the ideals are gone...

14 November 2006

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Warning, JT 2006


Maybe life is easier if you just take the blame for all that's wrong for yourself. At least then you can pretend to have some control over the outcome.

Mileage Zero (Continued)...

Natural Lines, KA 2006

Apt Response To My Valentine (My Friend Continued)...


If I saw you through the eyes of a poet
To your heart I could write that sonnet
The most beautiful verses I could conjugate
Using words to make your heart palpitate

If I saw you through the eyes of a friend
A true friend, is what I intend
Hold your hand whenever required
Be supportive whenever inspired

If I saw you through the eyes of dreamer
Do not mistrust the gaze of this schemer
Currently lost in thoughts of admiration
When your beauty entranced my imagination

If I saw you through the eyes of a singer
Like the childhood songs that forever linger
In your memories, my gentle refrain
Would remain to eternally entertain

If I saw you through the eyes of a king
To my queen, all would bring
The earth, the moon, the stars and skies
Everyday, a new and original surprise

If I saw you through the eyes of a lover
Enchantingly yours to discover
All the pleasures my affections could transmit
The delectations your heart could permit

Looking at you through these eyes
My feelings, I could never disguise
My only need, to improvise
A new delight, only, for your eyes...

13 November 2006

Ab Ovo (Side By Side 満鉄)...

Untitled, Uncredited 1906

12 November 2006


To JT: "You mean to say u didnt warn him you were insecure, neurotic, bitchy, un appreciative, the list goes on? that was cruel."

To BD: "I'm just concerned you are making the same mistake I did. You sem like a nice guy and it would sad to see you give all for nothing. It is easy to se JT has had many men and failed relationships u could be the same then, another bad choice."

He Still Loves Me (Continued Futher)...

Gift, JT 2006

She Is My Resting Place (Continued)...

When you're alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go
When you've got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know
Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city, linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go downtown, things'll be great when you're downtown, no finer place, for sure
Downtown, everything's waiting for you

Don't hang around and let your problems surround you there are movie shows
Maybe you know some little places to go to where they never close
Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle bossa nova, you'll be dancing with him too, before the night is over
Happy again
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go downtown, where all the lights are bright
Downtown, waiting for you tonight
Downtown, you're gonna be all right now

And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you, someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to guide them along
So maybe I'll see you there, we can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares
And go downtown, things'll be great when you're, downtown
Don't wait a minute more
Downtown, everything's waiting for you...
- Petula Clark / Downtown

Sounds (Continued)...

Cut Here, BD 2006

Moments: Realizations

"We're not even two seperate people anymore.. Some people wait their whole lives to find that, some don't even believe in it.."

11 November 2006

Chapter Six

Carpet, JT 2006

In the clouds we had floated along a shining path paved with dreams and hopes cemented in beautiful words, lined with images drawn by love, the sound of the melody reverberating in our beings. We descended here to walk in matrimonial reverence our avenue lined with trees.

Beloved (continued)

I'm my beloved's and he is mine...
His banner over me is love.

Because You're Mine (Continued)...

Untitled, BD 2006

10 November 2006

The Old Is New (Continued)...


There is nothing about you I find disappointing. There are adorable things, confusing things, beautiful things, complicated things, frustrating things, compelling things, entertaining things, calming things, arousing things but there are not disappointing things. You amaze me, you capture me, hold me – you are the apple of my eye...

09 November 2006

Stages: In One...

Zeal, BD 2006


I hear her voice
Calling my name
The sound is deep
In the dark
I hear her voice
Start to run...
- The Cure / A Forest

08 November 2006

23, 22, 21......

Marker, JT 2006


Don't look at the camera! Just go by like you're fighting. Like you're fighting. Don't look at the camera! This is for television. Just go through, go through. - Francis Ford Coppola

07 November 2006

Life Should Be This Easy

Sign, JT 2006


If rumours are true Phil Collins is going deaf, I'd say that'd make him the luckiest person present at any Phil Collins gig...


Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

Hymn (Continued)...

Made of reds, yellows, oranges, greens, blues and purples...

06 November 2006

Pet Peeves

I find it annoying when women come to our blog to try to 'get to know' B. Who do they think I am anyway ?

To B From You Know Who


It was one of those days that make you feel heavy inside, wondering why you are where you are and really hoping that God knows what He's doing....

God, I know you're there and I feel really scared. Thank you for reminding me that You are the only thing that stands between me and oblivion.

He's never so real as when you feel this desperate and there is no comfort in this world to lean on...


Rays, JT 2005


Andrew, called Protokletos, or first-called; was the first man beckoned by the son of God. He, like, his brother Peter, was a fisherman, a toiler with net and boat recognized in the Psalms of the Old Testament as one of those 'who go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the Lord and his wonders in the deep'. His love of the sea stemmed from his love of the creator who made it, and the perils of the sea which he challenged daily forged the character with which he boldly assailed the seas of ignorance and paganism in the sacred that had been placed in his keeping... - George Poulos

Mileage Zero...

Untitled, BD 2006

05 November 2006

1 / 1

Creatively you worked your arts; you spun a web around my heart where beautifully your deeds have spread. Each intricately woven thread with strands of care you dried my tears your gentleness has dispelled my fears and your wisdom helped me understand and patiently you held my hand; to give me courage to brave the storm with kindness. You have kept me warm through your passion; which lit a glowing fire. A fire that filled my soul with the sweetest desire. You're all that I was dreaming of for the web you spun was made of love. I love you.

Gentle waves peak to storms, ebbing into silvery lakes of glass. We drift across in shimmering sunlight, the shore a mirage just out of reach. We shape our present and our future while the past unrolls behind us in majestic shape and color. Our house on the hill waits to be filled with memories of youth, the footsteps of children, and the creaks of old age. We travel the way side by side, sometimes you lead, sometimes I wait, sometimes we stop to sit. The shining dream does not fade, nor does the reflection of the love in our eyes.


The Format Of, BD 2006

04 November 2006

Aerosmith Are Atrociously Alarmingly Appalling (Viz. Fucking Awful)...

But I don't want to miss a minute of your days...


Untitled, BD 2006

03 November 2006

Senses Effective...

It was just though looks that people have peaked
Idyllic breaks turning intense and began to sink
Other musical genres show some dreams come true
Sounds didn't lead but started to cross paths walked
Motion encouraged through only words that shaped
Lips waiting for another editor who would appear
When winds of gentle strokes are present, disappear

Gazing (Continued)...

Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

02 November 2006


Let us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table;
- T. S. Eliot

01 November 2006

How Many Little Things Pass by Each Day...

Lizard, JT 2006

Without us ever knowing what was almost made, or almost destroyed.... ?

He's My Baby

I wake up every mornin', I stumble out of bed
Stretchin' and yawnin', another day ahead
It seems to last forever, and time goes slowly by
Till babe and me's together, then it starts to fly

'Cause the moment that he's with me, time can take a flight
The moment that he's with me, everything's alright
Night time is the right time, we make love
Then it's his and my time, we take off

He takes me to a movie, or to a restaurant, to go
Slow dancing, anything I want
Only when he's with me, I catch light
Only when he gives me, makes me feel alright

All day I think of him, dreamin' of him constantly
I'm crazy mad for him, and he's crazy mad for me
When he steps off that train, I'm makin' a fool, a fight
Work all day to earn his pay, so we can play all night

My baby takes the morning train, he works from nine till five and then
He takes another home again to find me waitin' for him

He's always on that morning train
He works so hard
To find me waiting for him...

--Sheena Easton

Because You're Mine

Thin Red Line, JT 2006