17 December 2006

His 100...

001. I am a grumper.
002. I over-talk.
003. I'm light-hearted.
004. I'm deep thinking.
005. Professional.
006. Don't suffer fools gladly.
007. I can be petty;
008. But not as much as she is... Cause the student has surpassed the teacher... - Just Thinking
009. I like being the person she could go to.
010. There's no law of averages.
011. I am only average.
012. I am nothing.
013. She has said I am quite something;
014. Extraordinary.
015. I hate being sarcastic [sic];
016. But I never exercise that passion.
017. I have yet to reach my wits end (She says so he says).
018. Evening is my favourite part of the day.
019. He likes to listen to wind in the trees at dusk.
020. He likes the seasonal effect on trees.
021. He is like a tree, affected by the seasons... a mystery to him.
022. I can't shuffle a deck of cards;
023. She was going to teach me – I sort of got it.
024. I carry four keys at all times... One she gave me.
025. I don't have a sweet tooth, but when I'm around her I can't stop eating candy.
026. She is the person I tell my troubles too;
027. She helps me makes sense of them (even when she doesn't understand them).
028. I associates yellow to that dearest to my heart.
029. I paint badly, but decorate well.
030. I have had one Thanksgiving,
031. It was in August.
032. I'm difficult to read.
033. I have watched Natural Born Killers twice the first time I loved it;
034. The second time I spotted how bad it was.
035. I have just shy of 200 GB of music.
036. She says I drive a girly car;
037. I am patient and understanding.
038. Boxers.
039. I still haven't worked out what happened to Mr. Blue.
040. Her children think I look older than her.
041. I have broke fingers.
042. I have never been admitted to hospital.
043. My hair is still black.
044. I like how she climbs on me.
045. I read Brighton Rock once a year.
046. I have seen Coldplay six times,
047. Editors and ¡Forward, Russia! five;
048. And Sigur Ros once, but remains the event worth mention.
049. I like cold showers.
050. I don't work in absolutes.
051. I play her game,
052. I can never tell when I'm winning;
053. She can.
054. I can't stop thinking about her, even when she leaves me for ten minutes in the car to buy Cool Whip,
055. I thought of her in at least nine of those ten minutes;
056. I never tried (the) Cool Whip.
057. For the first time, with her, in her circle I felt truly accepted.
058. I worry.
059. I don't sleep well,
060. Unless she is with me;
061. Then like a baby.
062. I lie on my back at the edge of the mattress.
063. I sleep on the left.
064. I perform some arts;
065. All of which poorly.
066. I am critical.
067. I am a perfectionist;
068. This makes 66 easy.
069. I may have mild OCD.
070. She did teach me vehement;
071. But I always knew what it meant.
072. I like sugar in coffee;
073. But not in tea.
074. I gave her a piggy back across a road.
075. I feel like I'm at home away from 'home'.
076. She says I shuffle to the shower in the morning.
077. I like images of light.
078. I hate pastel portraits.
079. I can catch her when she runs and jumps on me.
080. Some would say I'm a minimalist.
081. I would rather not work in clutter.
082. I thrive under pressure;
083. But sometimes I can't stand it.
084. I am 'old fashioned'.
085. I over analyse.
086. She says I'm introspective;
087. I hated that album.
088. I like giving her gifts;
089. Especially ones of hidden or subtle meaning.
090. I walk when I'm upset;
091. I like the rain on my face and the wind cutting through me.
092. She says I use music like a drug.
093. I drive too fast with the stereo too loud.
094. The gluttony of Americans still sometimes catches me unaware;
095. I have a 192oz mug.
096. The past year has changed me;
097. For the better.
098. She gave me many of these points,
099. Shows she understands me;
100. Sometimes better than I do.


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He is multifaceted... He is wonderful... He matches me... I hate sharing him.


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