11 October 2006

He Is My Love

He Brings the Light
He Paints the Colors
He Builds the Heights
He Strikes the Tangent
He Finds what he Sought
He Fills my Mind
He Strokes my Soul
He Touches my Heart
He is Everything
He is my Purple
He is my Serif
He Opens My Heart
He is the Beloved
He Entwines Me
He Intertwines with Me
He Inspires Joy
He Whispers to Me
He is My Wonder
He Watches for Me
He Makes Me Something
He is Extraordinary
He Holds Me Within
He Shines for Me
He Lights My Way
He Saves Her Heart
He Makes Her His Queen


Blogger just thinking said...

He came so soft and sweet across my path and left the nicest note on my blog asking me if I would write to him. Little did I know that the first email would turn into a hundred, and the hundred into 300... And that it wouldn't be long before my day would not be complete unless I'd had the chance to speak to him. Over the months he's given me a chance to see him... the light spaces, the dark corners, the places where I can see myself, the places that are tender, the colors and shadows.

Blogger Tish said...

Awww. I'm so glad you two found each other. You're perfect together!

Oh, btw JT, I looked on your profile for your email address, but it is not there. Drop me a line or comment if you don't mind giving out your email address. I'd like to ask you about something. :)

Blogger lou said...

You guys met through JTs blog?


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