31 October 2006

Ten Things I Learned From Bricotrout

1. There are four noble truths.
2. There are many ways to connect with the common man.
3. Suffering is optional.
4. Buddhism is a beautiful philosophy.
5. There is something called half nekkid Thursday.
6. It's a small world.
7. There is peace in self denial.
8. Kayaking can be dangerous.
9. Blogging is what you make of it.
10. Ten lists are simple and difficult.

Happy Birthday Bricotrout !

30 October 2006

Can You Hear...

Open eyed lookin at the front side
There were the bright lights
Have I lost myself, will the feeling stay
When I wanted somebody to hear
I got silence and the lights blurring
To slowly fade to a hollow, vexed
The way is hard, for futures we pay
Eased by thinking of all the small things
We'll do together, I dream about it

29 October 2006

Late In The Back...

Heartache, BD 2006 [REVISION]

Moments: Working

There are few things as satisfactory as beginning and completing a project with your friend, lover, partner. Another wonderful first for me with him.

28 October 2006

They Manifest the Great Heights to Which We Soar

Magnify, JT / BD 2006

Suprise ! A Guest Post...

Evolution to Create Upper and Under Genetic Classes

An Angry Rant by Morbid Misanthrope

Recently, a theoretical evolutionist, probably from Europe, predicted that in the next 100,000 years or so, humanity will be divided into two sub-species. In the year 3000 (or 3001, to be more ironic in a sci-fi kind of way), the human race will reach its peak before declining due to high-definition television and extremely intelligent TIVO units. At this point, people will be much more careful when deciding who they breed with, or in the evolutionary theorist’s words, '...knock sloppy genetic boots with'.

This, in turn, will eventually lead to the creation of upper and under genetic classes. The upper genetic class will be buff, intelligent, tall, healthy, and creative, and have totally suave British accents, while the under genetic class will be ugly, dumb, short, squat, goblin-like creatures who will regularly appear on the future’s equivalent of The Maury Povich Show.

This is a complicated and potentially bleak picture of humanity's future to be sure, and already differing views are circulating throughout the worldwide scientific community.

Dr. Theodore Terwilliger, another respected and probably European scientist, sees many flaws in the upper and under genetic class system of evolutionary futurity.

'It is quite obvious to me, yes, that due to the great amount of indiscriminate breeding going on currently, the advent of a so-called upper genetic class is quite unlikely. In fact, you see, it is much more likely that evolution will eventually bring about an entire, planet-wide population of identical hermaphrodites with genitals for hands. Bloody hell, everybody's screwing everybody, anyway...'

As can be expected, professional scientists and evolutionary theorists aren't the only people ready to contest this prediction of human evolution. The Pope's personal court jester/scientific advisor believes that in the future 'everyone will look like the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jesus of the Catholic Bible', so long as 'sexually transmitted diseases don't kill everyone first'.

Commander Voltnar Zirconium, current leader of the Unarius Academy of Science, says that this evolutionary split will never occur 'because when humans have collectively reached the perfect level on the evolutionary ladder, our space brothers will come to earth in their ships and take us across the universe, time, and space, enlightening us mentally, physically, and spiritually. So, as you can see', Zirconium continues, 'the idea that there will be an upper and lower class is absolutely preposterous'.

And. of course, when asked for a comment, Muslims worldwide began rioting.

While most experts are content to guess what will happen to humans in the approaching future, others are more interested in preserving the rights and dignity of the two emerging genetic classes. Gloria S. Bingham from the ACLU and Fight for Human Rights Regardless (FHRR) is already calling 'foul' on the 'inappropriate' title for the lesser of the two emerging human species.

'Calling the shorter of the two species under genetic class is offensive and dangerous. To refer to that particular group this way assumes that they have less to offer society as a whole than their taller and healthier counterparts. I propose a better, less-offensive name for both species. Initially, I proposed Humanity A and Humanity B, but some of my colleagues felt that Humanity B would feel slightly less important than Humanity A. We had the same problems with Class 1 and Class 2. Anyway, we haven't been able to come up with anything satisfactory because all the politically correct terms imaginable have already been used. That's okay, though. We have at least one thousand years to come up with something'.

To get the perspective from the public, Time Magazine conducted a survey to determine current attitudes and human sexual attraction criteria that might reveal humans' current evolutionary path. The survey involved people of all ages, ethnicities, social standings, political affiliations, and body types. Some of the results were astounding.

75% of the males surveyed said they would never bang any 'ugly chicks', unless they were 'totally wasted'. 20% of males said they would 'take whatever they could get', and the remaining 5% of males surveyed answered 'Pamela Anderson', whatever that means. It should be noted that one male who never finished the survey just scrawled 'Bros before hos!' on the survey conductor's clipboard.

99% of the women surveyed said they would breed with anyone, so long as they were 'funny', 'smart', 'wealthy', 'nice', 'had pretty eyes', and/or 'reminded me of my daddy'. The remaining 1% checked the 'I don't know' box.

Since its results were published, many experts have claimed the survey's results were either inconclusive or useless. Yesterday, a blogger who claims he still does his taxes with an abacus wrote the following:

'I fail to see how Time's questions were relevant to the issue at hand. Can a poorly worded and poorly filled-out survey really have any effect on the evolutionary process? And what’s the deal with the women who answered this survey? If what they said were actually true, I'd have mated at least once by now. OMG! WTF?'

Even though what the future holds for humanity is anything but predictable, at least we know that midgets, in some form or another, will still exist in the future. And for all of us normal types, that is indeed something to be thankful for.

The views expressed here reflect the limitations of the writer and not his hosts. Do not construe any statement made on this blog as an advice on how to view the world; if you require assistance on how to interpret your surroundings, contact a school in your area and enroll. - The Management (aka BD)

(Poll: What Should Chapter One Be Called?) Results...


È questa l'ora in ciu affiorano i misteri
Una bizzarria difficilissima da rappresentare
Un momento così toccante, va dritto al tuo cuore
Una visione irraggiungibile
L'attrazione tenuta dentro come un peso
Qualcosa che non dimenticherò mai

27 October 2006

Comfort Column (Continued Further To Still)...

Us, JW 2006 [REVISION]


P = 10150006 + 7426247 * 1075000 + 1

Emirp: 761, 167

P[m_L] := With[{v = Array[x, Length[m]]}, Coefficient[T @@ (m.v), T @@ v]]

If the complement is hyperbolic then the metric is unique. - Prasad

10 log10[I-I0]

One Hundreds

µn = M(n) (O)


(L, ≤) by ab in L iff a = ab

Pentagonal Hexecontahedron


Like drawing first breath
Waking from a sleepless coma
Feeling the fresh water
Around my ankles
Instead of the dirtiest sea
Lapping round my neck
I remember sleeping with you in my arms
Being touched by your exhale

Leaves And Changes (WARPCD130)...

Have A Heart / Change / Blowing In The Wind, RLA 2006

26 October 2006


Avenues all lined with trees
Eden's garden was left for thieves
I looked upon an empty stage
Where all the young men once played
In roads leading on and on
Filled with strangers every one
The lift arrived and is here to stay
Glanced stares turn their heads away
Buildings torn down to the ground
Replaced by new ones thought with more sound
And as torches glow through the night
A sacrifice for what is that is right
A lifetime of soldiers hanging from trees
By their necks the typecast
Forgotten young saviours
Lost by their own grace and favours
Hinder the paths of old loves
Photographs become more than labours
Representation of a debt
Bullion engraved with the fatherless
Before the crying stopped
Choirs echoed then eulogy read
Traced memories dead

25 October 2006


Untitled, BD 2006


Conditioned you, me, see me drown
You're on the rim of currents that turn
In ignorance, there is no way to learn
Take a cure that just takes you down
Not for good, that much is understood
Lights being on green, borrowing terms
It's just the same, not even a different name
No way out that I can see but select destiny
Just thrown from the chair, the throne
Gives me time to think should I add care
Turn down the TV or turn down my pulse
Control my heart, cause this sound is too much

Honey (Continued)...

Unrequired, BD 2006

24 October 2006

Chapter Seven

Since our joining we have known those moments where our spark burned too hot leaving painful burns. The gentle breezes have whipped to fury, sending tremors to our very foundation. Thunder rumbles and rain falls, our eyes blinded by the gray mist, minds trembling in the cold.


Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

Mirrors (Continued)...

There are melodic notes playing, brightly radiating and piercing
Through my chest at its narrows beating down through my ceiling
The shapes smeared from dreams drifting and covered in smoke
Millions of notes, like rain circles in puddles pouring from canary
A sound has matured, from a varietal and a square of re-used blue
This silver throat striding on in the echo assiduously serenading
Only to flinch under the glittering coloured hail of your harmonies
I cannot capture anything euphonious to reflect the gold of your song

23 October 2006

Another Day (Continued)...

Bridged, BD 2006

Things Branded That Never Should Have Been (Platitudes Continued Further Even More Still Than One Topic Should Be Continued Beyond Plus)...

I'm drip fed this life and it leaves no room to recover...

22 October 2006

Caption Competition...

Any suggestions?

TBA, BD 2005

Chapter Nine

We learned that the rains deepen and brighten our colors, that the storm doesn’t have to drown, that the light is brightest in the darkest shadow, and that our fragrance is not diminished by the mist. Each new rain brings new growth. The waters don’t destroy, they cleanse. Love blooms even in the storm.
Blooms II, JT 2006


Have you seen or have you heard the way she plays there are no words to describe the way I feel, how could it ever come to pass if she'll be the first she'll be the last to describe the way I feel.

Shut Your Eyes...

Snow Tree, BD 2006 [REVISION]

21 October 2006

The Return Of God's Own Zilla (A Report About Cats, A Conversation Continued Further)...

Dog Saves Owner, Dies Trying to Save Cat

After a disabled woman's cat started a house fire, her specially trained dog came to the rescue, then died trying to help the cat still in the house. Jamie Hanson said the 13-year-old dog named Jesse brought the phone so she could call 911 and also brought her artificial leg.

...both pets died in the fire...

Hanson, who lost a leg in a car accident three years ago, said she was on the couch watching television when the cat ran over the back of the couch. '...he jumped onto a table that had a candle on it and tipped it over and lighted the artificial plants on fire,' she said.
- The Associated Press.

God's Own Zilla was caught earlier saying '...the dog should've let the useless thing [cat] burn, it could've enjoyed the heating...'

That Time...

Untitled, BD 2006

Deciphering The Codes In You...


Together (Continued)...

Untitled, BD 2006

20 October 2006

Chapter Four

They manifest the great heights to which we soar, touching the lands beyond the rainbow where we bask in golden glowing light, fingertips brushing the clouds. We are built solid, but gently sway in the breezes of the sky. There is nothing built like this today.

Entrance Or Exit...

Untitled, BD 2006

Platitudes (continued further even more still than one topic should be continued to infinity and beyond....)

The process of living seems to consist in coming to realize truths so ancient and simple that, if stated, they sound like barren platitudes. The cannot sound otherwise to those who have not had the relevant experience: that is why there is no real teaching of such truths possible and every generation starts from scratch.
--CS Lewis, Letters of CS Lewis, 1939


38.28 Yards, BD 2006

19 October 2006

Chapter Three

The monuments in our world, as if they were built for us, reflect our strength and the glow of our everlasting spark. It is that spark that burns bright and hot, illuminating a dark, cold world, holding us above the murky depths.

That Works...

Colour: Sugar...

An auburn spark started a fire. A fire with sweet warming effect, an effect such that the taste of departing could be described citrus. As we leaf our moments shared silently, quietly dreaming of the time ahead. A time where the completion will have made us smooth, laid flat enjoying the syrups of the fire we built...

She Fills My Day (And My Daydreams)...

Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too
- Nat King Cole / Unforgettable

18 October 2006

Chapter Two

As our relationship grew I opened to you as I have never opened before. Through the surface, through the inner layers, and to my core your light has shined. You made me glow in places I thought could never be touched. I have felt deep joy in intimacy of heart and mind, and enjoyed a new kind of safety in the midst of exposure.

Enough To Eat A Worm...

...he'd set out bottles of ketchup and Worchestershire sauce, jars of piccalilli and mustard, a box of crackers, salt and pepper shakers, a lemon, a slice of cheese, his mother's tin cinnamon-and-sugar shaker, a box of Kleenex, a jar of maraschino cherries, some horseradish, and a plastic honey bear. - Thomas Rockwell / How To Eat Fried Worms

17 October 2006

Together Taller Than Trees (Reaching Continued Further Still)...

Flight: Higher Heights, JT / BD 2006

Small World...

When we're together
Moments make us lose the distance
When we're apart
Moments are trying to prevent the loss of each other
Our moments last forever...

Chapter One

From the beginning we have dreamed, linked, twined, and crowned each other with our love. We made each other real and made our love to mean something more than it ever had before. We become something special and unique building towards a future we never knew could exist.


The prettiest things I know of
Are the windows to you
I miss them as I miss you
Their shine, how they mirror
The littlest light, the colours
How they tone through the day
The pools of depth in patterns
Always changing, never ending


Random Photo From the Web, JT Search, 2006


How he loves me, in spite of me.

16 October 2006


I have with you what I never had with anyone,
What I never want to have with anyone else.

Here Now Anywhere...

A beautiful moment shared between lights...

Daily Mail 2005


Wait and see. When it rains it pours. Chavin' on. Strong as an ox. Shit happens. A stepping stone to. She has a green thumb. To rule the mountains is to rule the river. A snail's pace. You feel like a fish out of water. There's no time like the present. Read the tea leaves. As uneasy as a cat near water. Walking on water. Water doesn't run uphill. When you get lemons, make lemonade. Less speed more haste. We'll hang you out to dry. Sturdy as an oak. Walking on thin ice. Schools out for summer. Stuck in a rut. Sweet as apple pie. A stitch in time. Which came first, the chicken or the egg. Top of the morning. What goes up usually comes down. Tall as a tree. Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow. You reap what you sow. Under the weather. You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip. Stir up an ant's nest. A place in the sun. When the cows come home.

Daedal (Continued)...

No matter what
Regardless of surroundings
You are my yellow
Blossoming and bright

Growing Bonding II, JT / BD 2006

15 October 2006

My Building...

I know you aren't ready to live or to die
Under your skin, that soft skin is a dream
That can see a sight, enough to hide light
Without having to know what is seen
Is this a low, a lonely time, a bleak scene
Where people walk around at night time
Screaming inside out loud, vocals in mute
Hurting becomes average through the day
The weight is tied to the soul with a way
Of simply completely failing to let go


Untitled, BAE 2004


Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for... - Jose Addison

14 October 2006


A one track mind, can only find things on its line...

As Leaves Splash Autumn On Gardens...

The Path Behind Us Has A Beauty Of It's Own, BD 2005

13 October 2006

Discovery (Is Became Was, Now Then And Have Had)...

If I don't sleep tonight
Should I learn a new way
Find a place to lay
Down and, fly
Try to catch up on my thoughts
Sink into those lonely parts
Or write to her, my love

Shades: Numberless (Her Colours Always Shine)...

Amber, MP 2004

12 October 2006

Flowers To Spécial...

All things uncomely and broken
All things worn-out and old
The cry of a child by the roadway
The creak of a lumbering cart

The heavy steps of the ploughman
Splashing the wintry mould
Are wronging your image that blossoms
A rose in the deeps of my heart

The wrong of unshapely things
Is a wrong too great to be told
I hunger to build them anew
And sit on a green knoll apart

With the earth and the sky and the water
Remade, like a casket of gold
For my dreams of your image that blossoms
A rose in the deeps of my heart
- W B Yeats / The Rose In The Deeps Of His Heart

Drifting (Hypnagogic)...

Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]

11 October 2006

He Is My Love

He Brings the Light
He Paints the Colors
He Builds the Heights
He Strikes the Tangent
He Finds what he Sought
He Fills my Mind
He Strokes my Soul
He Touches my Heart
He is Everything
He is my Purple
He is my Serif
He Opens My Heart
He is the Beloved
He Entwines Me
He Intertwines with Me
He Inspires Joy
He Whispers to Me
He is My Wonder
He Watches for Me
He Makes Me Something
He is Extraordinary
He Holds Me Within
He Shines for Me
He Lights My Way
He Saves Her Heart
He Makes Her His Queen

When The Rain Comes Down...

Noise, BD 2006

"Do You Feel Me?", Do You Feel...


I am sat in one of the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever graced with my rear and I am thinking to myself - my future looks good. I have plans to be with the most amazing woman in the world, plans to be with the most beautiful woman in the world, plans to grow old with the love of my life and now; for me, that future has everything in it that I want...

10 October 2006

Untitled, Uncredited


Untitled, BD 2006

Under Torrents...

While the rain comes down
In time to the thunder
I'm standing soaking
Are you watching me
Do you hear my noise
Far across this distamce
Creating a darkness in my mind
I need you to help
Through the grey clouds
Find my hand
Under the flashed white light
Till then I'm sinking
In the sodden ground

09 October 2006

Sitting At 'Home' Thinking Of Home...

Restless Place, BD 2006

Playlist 2.1...

001. Editors / Fall
002. Album Leaf / Thule
003. Penguin Cafe Orchestra / Perpetuum Mobile
004. VHS Or Beta / Alive
005. Sonic Youth / Empty Page
006. Archive / Again
007. Ulrich Schnauss / A Strangely Isolated Place
008. Doves / Down To Sea
009. Young Knives / Trails
010. Built To Spill / Stab
011. The Stone Roses / This Is The One
012. Joy Division / Day Of The Lords

08 October 2006

He Lights My Way

Untitled, JT 2006

Will Love Fly Or Justify...

It's just tainted efforts
My skin turns so pale
As something within
Threatens to leave me
Letting me fall
Back into a blank space
Tattered and worn
You are my friend
Don't die too soon
And if I seem torn
Its because I'd really love you
To take me home
Sorry I look to you
When under the blues
Please let your light
Remain my pillow


Renewal of Life, Natasha Isenhour

The Melody Surpassed The Medium...

Das system bietet die bestmögliche Klangwiedergabe - auf einen kleinen, handlichen Tonträger.

Sums The Mood Really (Continued Further)...

Scope, Dallas News 2005

When My Lips Press Together And When I Sink Into Slumber, Everytime I Close My Eyes...

Talking to his shadow
He has thoughts to tell
Being the beloved
Filling with hope and joy
Reaching a state
Where its easy
To find a lonely sound
Fridays' dusk
Will turn into a Saturday

07 October 2006

"Can You Hear Me?", Can You Hear...

Whispers Are Just Vibrations In The Air, BD 2006 [REVISION]

Made Up Words B...

best‧est [best-est] adj.
Best of the best (viz. my beautiful).
Of the highest quality at her best.
Most, highest of peaks: the best of my beautiful from her best.

06 October 2006

Lonely Nights

Ceiling, JT 2006

We Have Everything We Need

We'll do it all
On our own

We don't need
Or anyone...

Chasing Cars / Snow Patrol

The Act Of Completing...

Spark Potential, BD 2006 [REVISION]


Once a ripple came to land
In the golden sunset burning
Lapped against a maidens hand
By the fjord returning
Dainty foot and gentle breast
Here across, be glad and rest...
- Rudyard Kipling

05 October 2006

Never Endings...

Our Sparks, BD 2006


If each step in my path has led me to the one we can walk together... it is worth it. You are the one who turned on the light, who brought the sun, and made the rainbow possible.

Thank you for every wonderful moment.
- Just Thinking

04 October 2006

Hamoa Beach...

Early Exits

Crushing spirits
Breaking hearts
Yet unknown
Empty spaces
Wanting familiar faces
Did you even know
If there was a reason ?

There A Place For The Empty Souls, They Leave Homes To Find Peace Alone...

Broken String, BD et al 2006 [REVISION]

Destined Past Discouragement (Hurdles Continued Further)...

But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more. - Psalm 71:14

03 October 2006

Anniversaries: The First One...

We've grown from Shade #1 to ninety-one...

Our Spark, BD 2006

The First One...

It began with a light
Colours in a set of shades
Warming a cold exterior
Words creating a view
Floating a sinking ship
Lighting a match to spark
A fire of yellows and reds
Passions emerging in two
Petals opening to grow
A love was walked by paths
Parallels merging into one
Through links, shell to core
Intertwined and extending
Moments of little things
One hundred and counting

02 October 2006


Isolation, Uncredited 2005

01 October 2006


Thinking day to day
I know where I want to be
And it's not empty handed
Or in a senseless scene
Where theres nothing of significance
Just the shadow of dreams
If you are a bit broken
With the chance to put right
Lay down in my arms now
Where we are beyond doubt
And the answers are always the same
As are my thoughts day to day


Untitled, AV 2006