13 August 2006

Number 20

The rumble of the racing clouds
Echoes from within me
Eyes closed against the rain
The droplets fill my mind
Softly dripping down the line
Seized by petals as they fall
To fill the puddles that swell the ground
And rise to meet the swirling gray
Spilling into the darkness of my mind
As your helpless, pleading eyes
Reach across the rushing waters
The world stands stark in electric silence
And I sink into the soundless depths


Blogger BD said...

Umbrella - Numbers 96 And 97...


While that rain comes down
The grey clouds will empty let me make some noise
From far across that distance
There is a growing darkness in mind
Set to the bottom tied under a line
Why, why, try to help me, I need to settle down
Watching the vein as it soaks the ground
It was a pain, something of mine
I don't think it'll ever be yours
Why don't you tell me what is going on
This is not the way these things should work
Battle scarred, I hope you never understand
Sheltered now, by you holding my hand
Romance lead me, you were the one I came to find
With watered roots we have become two in bind


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