17 August 2006

100 Plus...

001. She has shown me new things, things I never thought of.

002. Things I had never seen before.

003. She unlocked and opened parts of me unreachable to other hands.

004. She has allowed me to feel things I hadn't known.

005. She has brought dreams true.

006. She has brought me new dreams.

007. She teaches me.

008. Challenges me.

009. She makes me smile.

010. She smiles when I wake her.

011. She licks my lips.

012. She comforts me.

013. I miss her.

014. I cried for missing her.

015. She laughs when I'm silly.

016. She curls next to me.

017. She sits on me when there are chairs available.

018. I tease her about not paying.

019. I complain when she doesn't take my money.

020. She still amazes me.

021. I fitted her world.

022. This is a first for me, to fit someone elses life like its my own.

023. I like her family.

024. I am under the impression they like me.

025. I like her daughters.

026. I am under the impression they like me too.

027. She shrinks into the cute grin when she feels shy.

028. I sometimes try too hard to make her laugh.

029. She is the hardest person to argue with.

030. The silences after arguments hurt worse than the arguments themselves.

031. I get lost in these silences.

032. We can be very expressive in our comfortable silences.

033. We are both stubborn.

034. She is more so.

035. She has cut down smoking for me.

036. She smells good.

037. I like how her skin tastes.

038. Its soft like cotton.

039. She has a beautiful figure.

040. She thinks of me sometimes.

041. She buys me lovely gifts.

042. She shares with me.

043. I with her.

044. We share being creative.

045. We created a number of works together.

046. She is far better at most things than she will take credit for.

047. I want to help her.

048. I want to look after her.

049. She cooked for me.

050. It was very good.

051. I helped (or hindered) her.

052. I enjoyed it, the helping.

053. I enjoy doing things with her.

054. Even going to Walmart.

055. We laugh about people together.

056. We joke together, our banter has become quite refined.

057. She took me swimming - might not seem like a big deal but it was to me.

058. She fills me with a different kind of confidence.

059. Her support is proving quite apparent.

060. I told her about my hurts.

061. She holds me.

062. Always, exactly when I need it.

063. She is easy to pick up.

064. Sometimes harder to lift.

065. She listened to music with me.

066. Music she probably didn't like.

067. We cleaned together, she makes the ordinary things we do extraordinary.

068. I want to do everything with her, I want us to share every experience.

069. I hope for a future with her, continuing our growing.

070. I want us to be old together and have our own past.

071. I want it to be the past we remember.

072. We went to a club together and I wrapped around her and kissed her feeling as comfortable as I did on our bench.

073. We have a bench.

074. I feel like I am resting when I am with her.

075. I hate when she goes without saying bye.

076. I hate when she says bye.

077. -

078. She makes me want to be a better man.

079. She loves me even though I am failing to be that.

080. I can't stay mad at her.

081. I can't stay upset with her.

082. I feel upset when she is mad at me.

083. I feel really upset when she is upset with me.

084. She puts her hands in my pockets.

085. We planted a flower together.

086. I hope it blooms in reflection of us.

087. I still see her in everything.

088. We find new links daily.

089. I feel bound to her, she feels mated to me.

090. She calls me a treasure.

091. She strikes hope and faith in me that not every spark burns out.

092. Our relationship can be associated to fire, water, colours, rainbows, paths, lightbulbs, paths, links, amongst other things.

093. She thinks of even doing day-to-day things with me.

094. I think of doing them with her.

095. She is ambitious.

096. And succesful with her goals.

097. It is easy to be proud of her.

098. I like to be seen with her.

099. I like our public displays of affection.

100. I can write 200 things about her easily and I struggled to write 42 of myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is number 77?

Blogger BD said...


Look at eighty-seven.


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