14 August 2006

One Hundred Ones

1. He read me.
2. He linked to me.
3. His first gift to me was a drawing.
4. His second gift to me was a song.
5. He drew (a picture) me.
6. He can see who I really am.
7. He loves me anyway.
8. He listens to me.
9. He hears me.
10. He named me.
11. He writes with me.
12. He writes for me.
13. He encourages me to write.
14. He chases me.
15. He holds me.
16. He sits with me.
17. He keeps me honest.
18. He calls me sulky.
19. He makes me laugh even when I feel sulky.
20. He doesn’t let me run away.
21. He challenges me.
22. He waits for me.
23. He cares for my body.
24. He cares for my soul.
25. He cares for my mind.
26. He brings me a towel when I get out of the shower.
27. He tells me his secrets.
28. He opens me in different ways every day.
29. He cries with me.
30. He loses sleep for me.
31. I am his priority.
32. He wraps around my heart.
33. He is my shell.
34. I am his focus.
35. He gave me a rainbow.
36. He painted me yellow.
37. He made me his queen.
38. Some sparks don’t burn out.
39. He stimulates me.
40. He comforts me.
41. He makes me feel safe.
42. He looks for new ways to express his love to me everyday.
43. He inspires me.
44. He teaches me.
45. He gave meaning to leaves, flowers, and trees.
46. He is always interested in me.
47. He thinks I’m beautiful.
48. He thinks I’m special.
49. He tells me every day.
50. He makes me want to leave everything.
51. He supports me.
52. I don’t have to ask.
53. He studies the things I’m interested in.
54. He’s proud of me.
55. We are constantly touching.
56. He asks me questions.
57. I tell him the truth.
58. I tell him secrets.
59. When we walk together, we fit perfectly in stride.
60. He always wants me to sit in his lap.
61. I can tell him anything.
62. I trust him.
63. I am not afraid for him to see my flaws.
64. He asks for my help.
65. He balances me.
66. He wants to share everything with me.
67. He shows me his smiles.
68. He shows me new perspectives.
69. My family likes him.
70. He likes my children.
71. They like him.
72. We go to art museums together.
73. We take photographs together.
74. He compliments my ‘eye.’
75. My body likes his.
76. I feel at ease when we are intimate.
77. We could do anything together.
78. He buttered my bread for me.
79. When he says everything will be okay, I believe him.
80. He needs me.
81. He is my purple.
82. He is my serif.
83. He touches my heart.
84. He strokes my soul.
85. He lets me touch his heart.
86. He lets me stroke his soul.
87. He wrote a song for me.
88. It wasn’t hokey.
89. I want to be his queen.
90. He picks me up at least once a day.
91. I want to give him everything I have.
92. I respect him.
93. I can see his love for me in his eyes.
94. Our first date was in London.
95. My eyes always look for his.
96. They always find them.
97. He is multi-faceted.
98. I am impressed by who he is as a person.
99. He cares about me.
100. I am willing to give up things for him.
101. He is my one.


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