03 September 2006


Beautifully scripted messages
Infinite delicate details
Communicating through twining
Equal and opposite
In ceaseless recombination
The old becomes new
And the new has never been seen


Blogger BD said...

Elegantly themed exchanges
Time with one of a kind
Unique accounts
A cypher of amaranthine
Vivifying the sepia
Dwarfing any three-sixty
Gentle enrosque
Linking in the contredanse
No axiom treated as spatter

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both of these pieces are just wonderful. The pieces written in reflection are really touching. In ceaseless recombination, as it should be. Your relationship has matured very rapidly, I think its working for you. BD - "Gentle enrosque
Linking in the contredanse
No axiom treated as spatter" quite an use of english, where did you get such an idea?


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