30 December 2006

180º Frontline (Blog This)...

The presence of duality,
haunts the earth.
We cannot turn to royalty,
it's just rock beneath the surface.
Hate, redemption, cruelty,
fire the eyes from within.
The growth, obscene;
the decay, painful.
Outcomes too hard to reject
by those who march on.
Choruses object history,
like Those who penned future
fed living its originality-
and tied talking tongues together.
Put your faith in something.
Even if, there are few things
ready, or worthy,
that can surprise our visions.
First, the men
who raped the sea,
boiled by the rot of greed.
Then, those women
trampling the homeland,
fueled by a sense of destiny.


Blogger BD said...

Someday someone will be able to read all these lines inbetween. Just as the black fades to white and the broken voice speaks...


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