22 July 2006

Do You Know (Continued)...

Do you know?

That you draw out the best in me, that your light illuminates the fragments of my inner most self that no other could reach? That your songs and your words travel through my ears to the deepest regions of my soul? That your attentive ears hear the slightest change of tone; that you hear sound to understand and know me the way no-one else ever has? Before I met you I was a vessel, a number. Your beautiful mind created me; what is special is only so because it has been found and bound to you my special. You fit perfectly inside the shell I provide to be the beauty of the one; the core. You warm my bones and you stroke my soul. You are within my heart and there is nowhere I'd rather you were. We have a (64) rhythm.

I am twined in you...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is there no comment to this? What a wonderful little passage on the difference that Just Thinking (I pressume) makes to you, linked to her passage on you (I pressume). Very well written, I'm going to suggest you stick to this format of writing rather than poetry.

Blogger BD said...

Yes it is about the difference that Just Thinking makes to me. I might take up your advice.

Re-reading this reminds me of:
Some different colours of you, those never hazy on my side. Are we seen wasting precious time, it's worth 'wasting' time with you. It's no surprise to me, that I'm caught whispering words about you. We're getting close and I'm keeping my eyes on you keeping your eyes on me.

Blogger just thinking said...

I very much like our interactive pieces ... showing how we reflect each other.

Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

JT and BD,
Do you know that I just can't stay away from this place...
I feel like I've discovered one of the world's greatest romance novels and I just can't put it down.
There must be pure magic radiating from the two of you when you're together.


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