25 December 2006

Find Our Way...

Everyone's so tough but everyone's heard enough about what's inside the mind of a psycho. There is a path. I want. I want to have it, lucky foot of a rabbit. Alas, people are they even worth their salt - force of-fucking-habit? Maybe some kind of magic? I'm growing sick of all this echoing talk. Everyone claims to be so smart. Yet everyone remains in the dark about what's inside the heart of an angel.

Just Thinking is my angel, she lights the path I want. Inside her is a song.

I need this song and I need you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange way to show how you feel isn't it? You don't think luck has anything to do with your path? Its a bit thoughtless to say no one understands the heart of an angel, and making claim that everyone else claims.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its stupid.

Blogger BD said...

Jayne - Why is it strange? People now, know things they never used to know. But to gain this, they lost understanding the basics. Your comment for example.

Marc - If it's stupid, then you needn't worry because it wouldn't appear that you will ever attain it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just struck me as strange, I don't think I understood it first time.

Blogger just thinking said...

Jayne, stop being silly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't being silly, I was just trying to give my view on the subject.


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