20 December 2006

For an Out of Town Husband

Of course you have to travel
All husbands have to travel.
But I thought you ought to know that
We are so married I know you by your telephone ring.
It is a short, impatient ring
Followed by a long.
"Hello how are the children did you have a good day?"
Then sometimes there is silence
Which is a very nice thing in a marriage.
And during that silence
We both say the most understanding things of all.

-Lois Wyse


Blogger bricotrout said...

thats like me. i can tell tishy's ring when she calls. unfortunately its not for the deep reasons that you quoted. she has a ziggy marley ring tone on my phone. thats how i know its her.

Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

Is that poem about spousal abuse? It kinda has a spousal abuse undertone to it or something.

Blogger Karmyn R said...

Having a hubby who travels tons Myself - it sometimes is true - when the phone rings, you know its him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I love this poem!!!! It is so true-- I know him by the sound of his ring

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a sweet poem.

I know my lover just that way.
We speak volumes in our silence.
It is most comforting.
And I never stop loving to hear his voice.

Blogger BD said...

Your heart beat is pulsing
It's never night in your chest
Its golden and glowing
With all the life we have left
I recieve your words
They may be small but they heal
And they keep me warm
They keep me safe


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