17 December 2006

From the Distance

Paris Sunday Morning

September 22 nd ‘18

Letter #40
My dearest belove’d,

The other evening I felt rather low so I took a very long walk away out into the Bois de Boulogne wih a friend of mine, plus Bill Hoffman’s beautiful big Alsace Bergere Chiene – Mira – a recent acquisition & she sure is a beautiful dog. Sort of a german police dog, avant la guerre, now called Alsatian Shephard dog. It was Friday evening, the moon absolutely perfect, and I have seldom seen its beautiful reflections in a prettier setting than in the charming little lakes & among the trees of that very, very beautiful park. I just felt as if I could & would like to walk & enjoy it all night. When I returned home I looked at a map of our route – I’m confident I walked 8 or 10 miles. I generally try to get in a nice walk in the evening, and that with the lot of walking I have to do during the day in connection with my job helps to keep me in good shape. It has been very cool here the past few days – whether the summer is all over now or not I do not know.

Darlin lamb I did’nt altogether forget September 6 th and 7 th not to mention our other family anniversary September 2 nd altho I must frankly admit I forgot it on the particular day. Anniversaries seem to come pretty frequently and occasionally one slips up on his remembering them. But I never forget the the 6 th for a very long time – it means so very much to me, my darling wife.

And I especially think of it and of you and of darling little Charles today because Sunday was meant for a family in the home day. And I am so anxious to get some more photos of darling little Charles & his sweetest of Mothers – if only the mail would speed up a bit once it gets on this side of the pond.

Darling I know you are with me in thought and spirit this morning and it helps me a lot. – Would to heaven we could be together & have our boy with us this glorious day. But all that will come in time. And meanwhile – well my prayers for you two love’d ones always. Devotedly,



Robert E Miller

2 nd Lieut

Air Service


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People will know not to feel any sorrow
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