22 December 2006

Dreams: Pain

Ultimately, it is the pain of the unacceptable present that propels us towards the shining future.


Blogger BD said...

I miss you so much beautiful, there are still days I choke feeling like I did as we parted for security. There are days I can't beat it, the tears glaze my eyes and their bitterness dots my lips. I once joked distractions kept me happy. Now with a million things to do, I'm hankering for your contact, to hear you laugh, I feel so weakened. So much so I'm pinned to technology. I feel alone. I feel isolated. I am trying to get my picture of our future in my sights, against the depressive present. It upsets me that I can be so useless to you, so irritating to you. That we fight over nothings when I just want our something. I'm sorry. I love you, more than anything, you are my beloved and my one, I feel you in me.

I wish, if even only for tonight, I could reach in and take you out so we could while away a few hours before settling down to sleep...


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