21 December 2006

Celebrity Status


Why do we give celebreties status? Because they happened to look just right to the right person on just the right day and just got lucky?

Does the ability to portray a fictional character in a real way, or a real character in a fictional way, make someone in any way more of any thing than the day before they were 'discovered' ?

Why does their opinion on any thing at any time mean any thing to any one? Why do they sway the political environment?

...questionable quality.


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

I often wonder that myself. Then I remember how stupid and easily entertained people are. It's like the attractive retarded leading the average retarded.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must have something to do with wanting to be part of something that we perceive to be beautiful.

Also, people want someone to follow. Just ask Moses. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leading is the way.

Blogger BD said...

Nobody sleeps while you are awake, you want it all - all you can take, all the attention and all the glory. The only character in every story. You want to always be loved, so just be yourself? You are the universe, there's, no else. You won't go hungry, you don't do lonely - just one priority, you, and, you only. If everyone is watching, make sure they're all watching. Career in meltdown; way before, the light bulb pops, the blind-folded warned you, they think I'm hot now. You're this months flavour, so its all good. Expect no mercy when they are screaming for blood. Even if they clapped their hands. They love to watch. Limb from limb. Don't look surprised, you know they're there, watching, waiting. Don't complain, that it is too tough. Save all your squealing for when your fifteen minutes are up. You look so scared, isn't this what you wanted? When everyone is watching?


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