18 December 2006


I say nothing
Let me know if you hear
I don't need answers
Do you have to tell
There are things I can't explain
When I walk why can't I feel the earth
But I can feel you everywhere
When speed is nothing
Nothing at all
Breathe in together
To one full
Two lovers in the rain
Holding hands
Some things are meant to last


Blogger BD said...

Fireworks and sparks when the fever starts in your eyes tonight
Explosions of heat and electricity in the firefight
I'm not bound to anything you've said to me
I can't ignore the way you adore my mystery, its purple
I'm running home just to see you alone
And I'm falling deeper into love faster than you know
Believe it when I say, say it over again
Everything's better off this way
And when you think everything's lost
Remember you got me
Tonight I just want you to see
Static and sleep in between bedroom sheets in your arms tonight
Keeps us alive when the sparks start to die in the bedroom light
I can't stop this even if you want me to
If you could only see what I see then you'll want me too

Blogger just thinking said...

You make me smile, way down deep.

Blogger BD said...

You make me smile, everywhere...


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