03 December 2006


I will hold you near
That much is clear
Its a suspension
Of absorping emotion
The line...


Blogger just thinking said...

Come away from the edge
And sit by me
We'll hold each other
And be warm

Blogger BD said...

You make me feel special
Just through the things you do
Every time we are together
It fits like the perfect place
My eyes light when you enter a room
I smile when we are together
When its bad, you make it better
I love the way you kiss me
The way you hold me tight
I want you all through the night
I love the way you can make me laugh
For absolutely no reason at all
I just want you to know
That even though we sometimes fight
I will always love you
No matter what, day or night

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across your blogs a few days ago and have so enjoyed reading about your meeting. Wonderful to hear that it's all worked out too. How did you meet? I'm dying to know! :)

Blogger just thinking said...

Margie if you look back, not even too far, you will find out... Come back with a guess.


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