01 June 2007

2 Tens (Continued Further Still Yet Again)...

Ten Over-rated Bands

001. Foo Fighters
002. Artic Monkeys
003. Guns n' Roses
004. Metallica
005. U2
006. Bloc Party
007. Queens of The Stone Age
008. Queen
009. New Order
010. Rolling Stones

Ten Under-rated Bands

001. Joy Division
002. ¡Forward, Russia!
003. Talking Heads
004. The Rapture
005. Secret Machines
006. The Dears
007. Josef K
008. The Seahorses
009. Built To Spill
010. The Verve


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

Here's another over-rated band for you: Cradle of Filth. What the fuck is their appeal, exactly?

Blogger Dan said...

When were the Foo Fighters ever overrated?

Blogger BD said...

Morbid - who the fuck would know, I was trying to stick to bands who could batter out something that sounded like music - even if it was over-rated. I mean I could've added Def Lep...

Dan - Any time the supposed subtle meaning of their music was highlighted or their quote unquote similarities to Nirvana or when there was anything above a 3 star rating on any of their albums, yes, even The Color and The Shape. Didn't you defend Metaliica previously? Your musical standing took a bashing there, your creditability about being a pundit in the musical sense just turned whimsical...

Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

U2- Over-hyped, yes. Over-rated? Mmmmm... no.

Blogger Sage said...

Interesting list. However, on the over-rated list, I would remove Queen, and, in their stead, replace them with Coldplay. On the under-rated list, I don't know if I would remove any of them, but I would add Del Amitri.


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