28 May 2007

2 Tens (Continued Further Still Again)...

Ten Things That Make Her Special

001. She is the smartest person I know.
002. She calls me honey, in this way no one else could.
003. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. (Yes, you are, you're cute too...)
004. She is more stubborn than a mule.
005. She lies to people about how nice I am.
006. She is fun.
007. She can roll her eyes at almost anything.
008. She makes me smile,
009. And look forward to the future, our future.
010. She helps me.

Ten Other Things That Make Her Special

001. She has the most loveliest eyes.
002. She is my bestest friend.
003. I like working with her,
004. Even when she bosses me around with big text in emails.
005. She is strong.
006. Yet, she is soft.
007. She impresses me.
008. She knows a lot.
009. She can put up with me.
010. I can't not mention that bum.


Blogger BD said...

If I'm not right, your mom is...


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