07 November 2007

Things Aren't What They Seem

Abandonment can be experienced in many different ways and sometimes it looks like something else. The vacuum that's created by people around you who have closed their hearts and minds to you is as vast as the emptiness of rooms when a loved one has departed.

Disappointment wears like disregard when it's really just the pain of knowing that what you needed can't be produced. It divides people better than any wall that could be constructed from bricks.

Things that grow up often grow away and it's easy to forget that the aim was always to go on to something new. Phases are meant to end and when you linger in one while ignoring the next one opening to you the dissonance can be almost unbearable.

It's hard when who you are is not enough for anyone.


Blogger BD said...

I got the first bit, but after that - you got me...

Blogger just thinking said...

all shades of the same color.


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