12 November 2007

Although No-One Knows What Goes On Inside Your Head, Everything Seems As If You're The Same As You've Always Been...

There can be no end to anything without something beyond to mark that end and display where nature and human natures can go no further. If we should say for the sake of argument that the whole of space were limited, then if a man moved into the last moments and threw a stone, would you consider that, by all might and muscle that the stone travelled on as it was thrown, or do you think something, 'the end' would stop and block its progression?

Decide, with either assumption and its correlating allowances cuts off escape and forces you to grant that the all things go on and have no bounds. For if his stone is stopped by something from tracing its projection, or freely splashes down, where it started was not the end.

So it will go: no matter where you spot 'the end', consider; what happens to the stone?


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