08 November 2007

2 Tens (Continued Continued Continued, This Series Is Almost As Long And As Pointless As The Bloodsport 'Chronicles')...

Ten Good Actors

001. Samuel L. Jackson
002. Christopher Walken
003. Pete Postlethwaite
004. Gary Oldman
005. Hugo Weaving
006. Michael Caine
007. William H. Macy
008. John Cusack
009. Morgan Freeman
010. Damian Lewis

Ten Bad Or Ugly Actors

001. Kevin Bacon
002. Marlon Brando
003. Randy Quaid
004. Mike Myers
005. Marty Feldman
006. Adam Sandler
007. Mickey Rourke
008. Steve Carrell
009. Danny DeVito
010. Jim Carrey


Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

Say now! We Posted A Dandy, titled
Three-Ring Hollywood Circus, that featured Danny DeVito! Many stellar
players, and Devito hit the lights
running & jumping. Scroll down,
my one attempt at comedy in two years on this stage. Chio! reb


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