16 September 2007

In Short...

JT and I today had a list of things to do. It wasn't particularly long or gruelling, but it has become common place for the two of us to fail in completing our plans.

We can get 90% done, or all but one thing, or WalMart has run out of that kind, or Sweetness and Light aren't so Sweet and Light, or we enjoy being tangled up in the bed sheets too much, or as JT says the days need to be eight hours longer. Now I have certainly not suffered this problem before - and JT claims she has not - in the past year we have relaxed our grip on to-do listing our days for the sake of one another, but not we're meant to be getting things done for each other we're finding we need an extra few minutes or the store is closed or JT forgets to get a paper or I am a 'lump in bed'...

We think we should post 3 times a week. So basically, in short keep your eyes peeled as we go into another bout with Blogger commitment.


Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

This must be a common frustration for couples. PD and I only are able to spend, at most, 5 awake hours together a day, plus weekends and it is never enough time to complete what we need to do, let alone what we may want to do.


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