15 August 2007

These Moments...

I have been in my new home for just under a week, I have been hurt, upset, irritated, surprised and disappointed; but I'm here with the thing that makes me happiest. She makes even the worst moments not-so-bad and the great moments great.

We're sorry that the blog has taken a down turn in publication, I've no doubt this will be remedied quite soon...

Today is a further entwining linking moment.


Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

You and JT do what you do best. We will be here when you have time to post.
It's great to have the one you love beside you through the rough stuff.

Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

Congrats on the new home, bd. Welcome to America. Interesting fact: Anyone with an English accent is automatically qualified to teach Literature at a university or be considered an expert in any subject when cable news needs a panel for a topic segment.

Blogger BD said...

Morbid - All those things Americans don't know anything about?


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