11 July 2007

I Like Her 65, Especially When It’s Part Of Our 44...

The best gift I ever got was homemade, it probably cost less than the postage but it was created by someone very special and it told me all the special things I had thought were shared. It made them, those things more special to me, it make me love her all over again – falling through seeing, our growth, our wandering, through the stages on each of the pages.

One of the hundreds of things I have managed to list about JT is how I like her creativity, she is lazy and doesn't apply herself to this blog; but when she does, she posts such witty / beautiful / lovely / clever / insightful / drawing / thought provoking writings or images that become my envy for a moment, then this silly pride creeps into me.

It's one of the smallest things I dream of sharing with you.


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

The best gift I ever got was a free haircut down at the barber college.

Blogger just thinking said...

Ah B, making that thing for you ... those things, is quite fun and I feel like a little kid bringing home the craft of the day.. I'm glad you enjoy it.


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