03 June 2007

Cold Glass Looks...

001. There is an interlude between versus in those more powerful pieces of music, it lets up a strong piece of percussion to drive the shape of the song.
002. An end has a start.
003. It wasn't so long ago I was getting advice like, You are lucky that words can't bleed, protect yourself just don't think anymore.
004. No one person can interpret for another.
005. Which is right: a. if you don't ask you won't get or b. it's rude to ask?
006. 'They' say the best things in life are free, but there's a described cost to love.
007. :( :) :D >| :P :|
008. The Amish are using solar energy...
009. Glosalalia and Vonlenska are free for each.
010. I have to concede (time and time again) because I am 'self-centred'.
011. A 250ml glass of Smooth Orange juice provides 6% of the guideline daily amount of calories.
012. Out-classing the opposition doesn't mean you've won.


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Becoming, icy stares...


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