26 May 2007

Without Comparitive Ease...

Dig in for just one chance... - The Disease / Echo & The Bunnymen

The word endurance has never been demonstrated by a person around me.

...forget the band aids. If you won't let me in, just pass the safety pin...

I have yet to truly see another person endure. I have seen people give up, people scream and shout, people delete and destroy. I have seen people hang themselves or cut the primes of their life.

People can be dedicated and driven but its not the same, its not an endurance as I would hope endurance is; I have seen people try and fail, then just give up. I'm trying not to be one of those people, I believe and I hope JT is trying not to be one of those people. Enduring is a difficult thing to achieve.

We live in a place, the 2000's, whatever that is going to amount to and mingled in its insecurity and misguided open mindedness is this general facade of moral relationships which returns us to good and bad (evil), positive and negative, JT would call it a lack of altruism. I know where I lie in those groups, I know where I want to be.

Shadows take their toll, the wearer not strong like he used to be. Ready to erase himself. Take him away and he might say something different from if you send him away to a shadeless place to stay where he'd lay, wasting away.


Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

I am fortunate to be a witness to endurance every day of my life. And when I feel like giving up whatever, I only have to look beside me and be inspired to go on. My J has had so much taken from him; the ability to provide for us, the freedom to do what he chose, the simple joys of daily life, stolen by a disease with no cure. And yet every day he pushes on and does what he is able and then attempts more. Almost 6 years now. I'm calling that endurance. I'm not sure where he finds the strength/courage/whatever to keep plugging away but I admire it immensely.


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