28 May 2007

We're Different, We Talk Together, And When We Do I Don't Want To Stop...

Untitled, JT 2006

Beautiful, there is only one person I want to sit on a bench with, underneath the leaves talking about us, about the world and its sounds, about God and our life beyond life, there is only one person I would pray for, I would want to be held by, I would want to make love to, I would want to tell my inner-most thoughts to, I would let hold my soul, I would share my dreams with and that person is you.

You're my special, I love you.


Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

JT, it sounds like BD is trying to convince you of the depth of his love. Are you hearing it?

Blogger just thinking said...

I know you're special cause you're the one I tell the truth to... and you stay anyway.


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