07 May 2007

On Being Bestest Friends (Stages: Best Friends Continued)...

If I had to only have one friend, ever. I'd trade all my beans for that one friend to be you.

Your magic beans, mean-
at least you'll always have one giant friend.
The ground is so proud just to hold us up.
We're a kiss away from being dangerous,
kiss me and show me that it's true...
- The Long Winters / Clouds


Blogger BD said...

Ref: Bestest

Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

I don't think I'd trade magic beans for a friend. I mean, unless the voodoo legumes were otherwise useless. But then they'd hardly be magic. I might trade them for a new pancreas, some kidneys, and a liver, though. What's the going rate for a Playstation 3 in magic beans these days?


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