13 May 2007

I'm Getting Tired Of Life, We've Realised There's No Going Back...

Evolution, as good as any story told?

Act One
I Hear You Are Getting Into Zen And You Have A Buddhist Friend
Act Two
The Day Had Gone And I Hadn't Begun
Act Three
Everyone Says She's Lazy, But They're Crazy She's A Winner
Act Four
My Heart Sings, Bury Me Darling, It's Like Mystic Energy, Coming Over Me
Act Five
This Boy Has Got Wind And I Don't Think It's Funny
Act Six
Have You Seen How He Jokes And Smiles, Yet Sleeps Like A Child
Act Seven
I Was Abstract In Mind, That Decision Was Mine
Act Eight
This Is Your Disguise, You Better Believe It, No-one Will Grieve For It
Act Nine
Feed The Human Nature, Lead The Life God Gave You
Act Ten
If You Want To Fit In, Get A Salary
Act Eleven
Got My Papers And My Ticket For The Train, To Anywhere
Act Twelve
Who Are These People? They're Too Stupid To Be Your Real Parents
Act Thirteen
Wake, Grow, Certificates, Wild Parties, Suits, Under The Weather, Babies, Marriage Divorce, Take It Or Leave It, Back Down, Sleep, What's Hope For
The Spirit Of This Place Is Long Gone, I Looked Into Myself And All I Could See Was A Man


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