10 May 2007

Don't you love jumping in puddles?

The Missouri River is expected to reach levels approaching the Flood of 1993 in some places.

Heavy rains of three to five inches to the northeast that continue to fall, along with saturated soils, are contributing to record and near-record projections, according to the National Weather Service.

Water levels in Boonville are expected to flood some roads and potentially the Missouri-Pacific railroad track on the south side of the river.

M.L. Cauthon, Boonville’s director of public works, said the when the river reaches 21 feet, there will be flooding in low-lying areas. But when the levels reach 30½ feet, streets are expected to flood.

“There’s not a lot we can do,” Cauthon said. “We are taking an inventory of supplies, counting sand bags, that sort of thing.”

“Projected flooding is going to be as bad as 1993,” said Susie Stonner of the State Emergency Management Agency.

However, she said steps have been taken since the flood in 1993 to decrease property damage. Fifty-four communities and about 4,500 land owners participated in a land buy-back program that turned high risk areas into parks, recreational fields and farm land.

For more information, go to the National Weather Service’s Web site at www.riverwatch.noaa.gov/missouri.shtml


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

In California we're flooded with stupidity, not water.

Blogger bricotrout said...

yep, watching it all unfold on you guys. hopefully it crested for you last night. wish i had my kayak out there, id be saving cats and dogs left and right.

Blogger just thinking said...

Can you fit a cow in a kayak?


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