07 May 2007

Checking In

Yes I'm still around... I'd write more often but I really hate that new blogger log in with the googlemail account. Plus, much to B's dismay I used OUR googlemail account instead MY OWN. So now our comments don't get emailed properly. I've been very busy at work and then after work B and I work on our side projects. We've started up our own little business and we're getting customers! You'd think that was good until you try to squeeze other people's projects into the time you barely have for your own. I just got through one of the annual fundraiser's at work... can the world stand another something or other Walk? So after next week's Board meeting things will chill out a bit. We've got notice back on our visa application... it's made it across the pond (almost) and after that we'll have about a hundred more days (on the long end) til B can come over and make an honest woman of me. The path has been long indeed. I've taken up church again as of late, and I'm feeling much much better. I might be able to make a full recovery from the ailing spirit I've been suffering since my last divorce. I'll be ship shape to start up a real life with B in no time. I'll get more disciplined about writing... see you soon.


Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

JT, you've been busy! This, I believe is referred to as "laying the groundwork" for the wonderful life together that you and BD have to look forward to. No, I don't know you, so why am I so excited for you?! :-) You two are infectious, that's why.

Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

I'm glad things are going so well for you. What type of business did you and BD start?

I'd also like to thank BD for coming to the United States legally. I'm sure he may have heard something in the news about how easy it is to sneak into the United States.


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