21 April 2007

You're the Tree to My Leaf

I was thinking about how leaves are one of our themes. They remind me of the fall, when we met. They remind me of the seasons, and how we change and grow. They remind me of all our shades, and the light that's us. They catch the sun and hold the rain.

But leaves are fleeting. And the leaf turns brown, and falls to the ground, only to be reborn in the new season of the tree. A leaf can only be what it is because of the tree who births it. It's the tree that remains steady and strong always.


Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

I think your love is a strong, sturdy oak and the leaves are all the days of your lives together.

Blogger BD said...

You do write such nice things. You should post more often.

Far-cry: stability...

Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

You do, and you should.

Blogger Bonnie B said...

You could be evergreen, but think of how boring (yet beautiful too) that would be.
A tree must have a strong foundation and deep roots to grow.
As for the leaves-- those ever-changing little thespians also remind me of the seasonal acts of love and life-- the joys of new shoots and budding flowers as it reaches out to grab out attention after a winter exposed, vulnerable yet strong and determined to rise again to the canopy of strength and shadey comfort come summer. Then rounded out with joy this comedy changes her costume with autumn. She is strong enough to show her true colors and fall naked once more.

blah, blah blah -- anyway I loved your post


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