04 April 2007

A Sense Of...

I have always felt a certain admiration for my beautiful, the things she does - how she performs with the constraints she suffers. Being her number one fan, I may appear slightly biased but she will tell you about my mean tone and that should be evidence I am still objective at heart.

I am very proud of all of her achievements, personal and professional: she would be first to admit she has made mistakes (she sometimes admits them at the time), yet last to take credit for the good she does for people, for me, for her family, her children, the good she does in her work.

A sense of pride filled me when she told me that she was to present at a conference, a national out of state conference. Surprisingly this is a first, presenting that is. She has done a lot of really good work (lest we talk of my bad advice and irrelevant input) in preparation and I hope she gets her publication from it.

Obviously at the same time there was a slight bitterness about not to be getting looked after on her expenses and mingle with the educated 'crowd'.

Her focus is probably why you are all having to put up with my posts, you come here thinking what has JT posted and all you get is a BD post - I can picture the sinking shoulders...

Jokes aside, she is a beautiful person, an intelligent woman with a potential for many great things. She has always had a light, just kept under the surface.

It is now a goal of mine, not to let her be caught under the personalities that seem leash her, to keep the bright bright.

Beautiful, you are very special to me you are a good person and I am proud of you, you still impress me. I am sorry I can't be there to see all that effort pay off.


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

You should write letters of recommendation professionally. I know a few people who would pay good money for such a glowing personal review.


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