26 April 2007


All this frustration that I cant meet all my desires and these strange conversations mean self-control has just expired, all an illusion... who are you fooling?

People don't need a shrink they need an exorcist. Caught up in the webs, where's the confusion - the vision of what life is like; that doesnt deal in black and white. Wasted time talking about who is to blame, when all it would take is a thought to change. Am I living in the weirdest dream, where nothing is the way it seems? Where no-one is who they need to be? Where nothing seems that real? What can we build our lives upon? Theres no wall of stone, no solid ground - the world is spinning endlessly and we're just clinging to our own beliefs.


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

The world is spinning endlessly, and we’re all just riding the centrifugal force.

Blogger BD said...

Big words there Morbid, that insulin paid off?


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