08 March 2007

Who Listens Anyway (Continued)...

Quotations, Woodcock 2006


Blogger BD said...

I want the girl all dressed in white, she turns and says hello.
She changes colours like a bird, I grab her wings and fly away-
She takes me high, and leaves me there.
I never want back down.
Love, love it's a beautiful place a beautiful taste,where I am known and I belong.
I belong.
The gentle high, absorbs the brain.
I cry, for seven days, I feel myself losing control, to all the voices in my soul.
Where is my girl?
I need sugar from her hand.
It's a beautiful place, a beautiful taste.
It's such a wonderful way, to spend the day.
The feeling of how you fill me up inside.
- Elefant / Love


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