09 March 2007

What to write...

B is off on wordy serious tangent lately.. Me I can't really think what to write about. I've been so busy, but thankfully, no longer crazy. Time is ticking away, not so long ago it was painfully slow, and now it whirrs by. B and I will reunited June 15th. Just 14 weeks away.. It feels like everything is on hold. I don't want to buy anything, paint anything or really make any changes at all until he's here to share it. I've had two surgeries in the last three months so I don't really go out unless necessary so that I can recover. I'm on a diet with a target of losing thirty pounds by the time we meet.. 5 down already. I have this odd feeling of being in stasis.. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading this blog at all anymore. We used to have some lively reparte but sometimes it feels like the words just disappear into nothing after I hit publish. It feels like eons since I've taken a photo or written a poem. Any ideas?


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

It's best not to go out unless it's necessary. Since my medical episode, the doctors have forced me to walk daily. I now remember one of the many reasons why I hate going outside: goddamn hedge ninjas. I'll be thinking, "Wow, the neighbors put in some new bushes. How nice," when out pops a team of ninjas. Fending off pointless ninjas is no way to recover. I asked the doctors if I could just do my walking inside, but apparently the medical community doesn't consider pacing a form of exercise.

Wish I could help with the lively reparte, but I've never been very lively and I don't know what reparte means.

Blogger c&d said...

Yes, he has. Its back to horrible, long sentences and turn backs. All your plans are going as expected then? 25 pounds in 14 weeks, you better get running girl! I'm sorry we haven't been reading, we've had some problems in the family which Chris hasn't taken too well we're aiming to get caught up now things are better. My only idea would be to just take 10 minutes to scribble a handful of lines everyday.

Blogger Dan said...

Where does he get the energy to write so much, without reward? I hate that when I spend time writing a post and my readers leave it. >:-| Not long to go then! Good luck! :)

I keep reading, I had to extend my feed to fifty entries cause it was filling up before I got a chance to comment!


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