27 March 2007

Twelve Lines...

001. I'm so glad I found this, I'm so glad I did. - Editors / Munich

002. I fell deep through the holes in your eyes. - The Dears / I Fell Deep

003. You know how everything grows. You know, this feeling is love... - Delays / One Night Away

004. Like vines, we intertwined... - The Hush Sound / We Intertwined

005. ...in every moment, you are beautiful... - Tunng / Light

006. ...in me, you reach everywhere, your fingerprints are everywhere, we are illuminated now... - Vega 4 / A Billion Tons Of Light

007. ...I called you a Golden Gaze, you brought me better days... - Ian Brown / Golden Gaze

008. You are the light, into my soul, you're everything, you calm the storms, you give me warmth, you stole my heart and you take my breath away. - Lifehouse / Everything

009. My arms miss you, my hands miss you... - The Long Winters / Ultimatum

010. If you should ever fall you know I would kiss you better, I kept the letters you sent me... - Maxïmo Park / Kiss You Better

011. (If you don't know.) You hold my heart and soul... - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Heart And Soul

012. Theres nothing like you and I, I dream of our our future ever time I hold your hand tightly... - The Perishers / You And I


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