27 March 2007

Our Father

Thank you for the beautiful spring weather
that we are enjoying today.
Surely, all of creation sings your praises.
We ask for you to be with us during
our time together today, and that you
would bless each family represented here.
Please guide us as we continue to work together
to have a positive impact on our local and
global communities,
opening the doors and hearts
that need to be opened according to your will.
Lord keep our hearts soft with compassion,
and our spirits generous,
even with those that may seem undeserving,
and keep your hand on us that we may be safe from harm.
Help us remember each day that all we have comes from you.
All these things we pray in Jesus’ name.


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

And may the ninjas always triumph over the pirates. Thanks again. Amen.


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