05 March 2007

Hallowed Be Thy Name

You are the one whose perfect plan threads
Every part of creation together.
Thank you for everything you've give to us,
Healthy children, money for necessities plus,
A good house, a steady job, healthy bodies and minds.
Thank you for the dreams you've placed in our hearts,
Thank you for the boy, the house, and the business.
Lord let each step we take, be in line with your plan,
Whether it is known or unknown.
Father forgive us for the anger, the resentment, the envy,
And help us to forgive each other, every time.
Remind us always that though the cracks will appear,
You can fill them, even when we despair over them.
In this year of the open door Lord, show us when
The doors we bang on are not meant to open, and
When the door we never tried hides the riches.
In our darkest of hours, whisper into our hearts
The hope of this life and the next,
And ever resuscitate our spirits when they tire.
Lord we dedicate all we do to you,
And all these things we pray in the name Jesus.


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

And God help those who carelessly cross my path, for I am forced to be sober and eager to kick someone's ass.

Hooray, hallelujah, amen.

Blogger c&d said...

I think I will share this with my prayer group. If thats okay?


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