29 March 2007

Никто не дает ебать даже прислушаться к тому, как я сидеть...

Acts 4:12, BD 2007 [REVISION]


Blogger BD said...

You try to scare us, you welcome us and you motion us to move on mass. As we line up, you know just as much as us - you put the binds there, so, you can free us and let us hide to sing and praise. Its time to breathe again. You made us and you cure us, you kill and you change the things we second guess. The darkness falls, there nothing new, it gets so cold we just fall asleep. When we rise again, I'll be with you.

Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

I got excited when I saw this. I spent 4 years in High School studying the Russian language. Sadly, I couldn't translate this. I am disappointed.
I was going to write something here in Russian, but my keyboard doesn't seem to be cooperating.
Nyet. :-(


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