28 March 2007

2 Tens...

Top Ten Albums
(No compilations)

001. Pink Floyd / Dark Side of the Moon
002. ¡Forward, Russia! / Give Me A Wall
003. Joy Division / Substance
004. Sigur Ros / Takk...
005. The Young Knives / Voices of Animals & Men
006. Talking Heads / Remain in Light
007. Editors / The Back Room
008. Oasis / Definitely Maybe
009. Ian Brown / The Greatest
010. Coldplay / Parachutes

Top Ten Songs
(That don't feature on your Top Ten Albums)

001. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Heart and Soul
002. The Music / Human
003. Interpol / Untitled
004. The Black Angels / The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven
005. The Stone Roses / I Wanna Be Adored
006. Trespassers William / Vapour Trail
007. The Cooper Template Clause / Lets Kill Music
008. Joy Division / Isolation
009. Explosions in the Sky / Your Hand in Mine
010. The Dears / Hate then Love

I know I keep trying to do this and I'll probably disagree with it tomorrow but everyone should have that 'desert island' question nailed...


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

What? No Journey? "Don't Stop Believing," man.

Blogger BD said...

I cant see why all these confrontations,
I cant see why all these dislocations,
No family life, this makes me feel uneasy,
Stood alone here in this colony.
In this colony, in this colony, in this colony, in this colony.

Dear God in his wisdom took you by the hand,
God in his wisdom made you understand.
- Joy Division / Colony


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