19 February 2007

Things That Mystify Me: Married Singles...

Lately JT and I have been speaking a lot about our plans, our future and our dreams (we've posted some of them).

We want to do things together, work together, learn together, laugh together, grow together. The sum of our days will involve each other and focus on our interactions.

However, we are, I particularly; am surrounded by people who have found themselves married and engage in activities just to get away from their spouse. Whether it be going to the pub, windsurfing or tinkering under the bonnet (hood) of a car. Why? What's the benefit? It mystifies me...

(Maybe I'm just the idealistic sort or more likely I have found a better mate than they, the perfect mate who can marry to me in all respects.)


Blogger novaks8 said...

You have the answer.

Those who are in a bad marriage go out of their way to keep away from their spouse.

Be thankful!

Blogger kelli said...

Not everyone is comfortable being attached at the hip to someone all the time. The time away isn't always a function of who the person's mate is, but rather who the person is. Sometimes having moments away helps you appreciate coming back together.

Blogger Bert said...

Well, I am happily married, but my wife and I still plan thing occasionally apart from each other.

The reason, as she states and I agree, is that we need stuff to talk about. If we do everything together, then what is there to share or discuss. She does Girl Scouts and I am on a Board of Directors, so we have lots of things to talk to each other about and discuss and share and support. We still do 90% of everything together, but having that 10% apart adds something to our marriage to keep it new and different.

(From a fellow assignment classmate!)

Blogger Ally Bean said...

I like your idea of "married singles." It's so true.

I'm married and we like to do things together because we're best friends. But we have separate interests which mean that we have something to talk about-- and that after being around others we realize anew how lucky we are to have each other.

It comes down to balance and perspective, I suppose.

Blogger BD said...

I think I need to apologise, I was really talking about those people who marry with this type of mentality in mind.

Almost as if they meant to marry to live seperate lives...

Blogger c&d said...

Modern marriage is about independance isn't it?


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